How To Build Interpersonal Relationships Among Human Beings

Have you ever imagined being alone?
No interaction, no communication, no one to pat your back when you have done something right, nor anyone to tease you for the out of date pair of jeans you have on, how would that feel like? How would we go about our day to day life?

It is only natural that we, human, interact with one another creating the connection that is known as interpersonal relationship and also built with long distance relationship. However natural, it is rather common to catch ourselves wondering why we are in the relationships with certain people and what that give us such as love and dating ideas.

As social specie, our connection with the rest of the members is crucial to keep our lives well and in balance.

In this article, we will be looking at four types of interpersonal relationships, and the factors to maintain and flourish connection.

The first relationship we all know and have is family relationship.

“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift for you as you are to them.”

It cannot be denied that no one gets to choose which family they were born into. Family relationship begins when a couple gets married, but not all marriage gets successful. Note that in the family relationship sometimes it becomes good relationship and sometimes relationship questions and bad relationship that reaches depression and divorce at last resort. It is also formed by blood. Family is the relation between parents and child, and between siblings. Family relationship also includes our extended relatives who may or may not know what our name is. The bond in this relationship is believed to be the strongest among all. Note that the family relationship may be an example of long distance relationship advice from parent’s family relationship to children’s couple family, let us say, it is advised as a guidance of the good relationship and relationship advice from one to another generation onward.

As we develop, being able to stand up, take the first step, and run, we embark on the quest to find more connections with the rest of the world outside our family to fulfill the need for human interaction. Our target initially is the people who hold something in common. It could be a favorite cartoon character or show. Satisfying this need is friendship.

“FRIENDS are siblings god never gave us.” – Mencius

Friendship is shaped by the individuals who allocate common interests and personal qualities. Unlike family, we get to choose who our friends are based on what we value and what we expect the relation to provide us. Like family nonetheless, friends deliver special connection. Pals enjoy each other’s presence and appreciate each other’s time. In return, this relationship gives us comforts, encouragement, and advice to help us learn about ourselves better.

“A best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find, lucky to have.” – Anonymous

Friends savor the companionship so much that sometimes it leads them to desire a closer and more special connection with the other person. This takes us to the third relationship type – romantic relationship.

Love is the connection between two people normally characterized by passion, intimacy, trust and respect. In romantic relationship, a sense of respect and mutual understanding is essential.

Time changes everything, relationship included. Two individuals can kick it off with a friendly relationship. With change being inevitable, this connection between friends can turn into romantic relationship or sometimes let us say love relationship. A lot of commitments and effort then turn this fling, spark the light and transform the two into one family.

The last type of relationship we have is with the people that we work with. This could be a project partner, suppliers, clients, or that one guy whose name we can’t seem to remember sitting at the other side of the office. A connection between these people is the shared values and passion in career choice, or simply the benefits in form of business or work. A good workplace relationship offers supports. Two is better than one. There is no denying that we work better as a team. It is important to keep a good relation with the people we work with. This teamwork may develop to a friendly relationship. Out interaction with people at work also help to ease the pressure and relax the atmosphere.

“Happiness sometimes is ….
Having a co-worker who becomes a friend”

Human social interactions are formed for a good many reasons than being just our innate behavior. From our daily connection with the other members of the society, we all benefit in some ways. As mentioned, the relation we have and make is to satisfy both our emotional and physical needs. In a family, members share kinship of one another. Parents provide financial support and love. Siblings give us advices; help us getting out of trouble at school and life.

And when one relationship fails to do its job, we simply turn to the next. Haven’t we all had a time when we consult with our friends how annoying it is that our younger sibling constantly bursting into our room without knocking and telling on us what happened at school? When work stress is too much, we turn to a good friend and whine about our boss.

As our associations with the other people are significant to our daily pursuit of happiness and wellbeing, a great focus should be put toward how we can maintain a good relationship.

To enter a good relationship, individuals must be compatible with one another. The connection should be free from misunderstanding and conflicts. Though, it is not impossible for those with different views to be in some kind of relationship owing to the reason that the bond may depend rather heavier on other factors.

One of the factors to keep a relationship understands. In any relationship, it is of a great necessity that each party possesses a sense of mutual understanding. This would allow us to accept the opposite views more openly without the risk of getting into conflict; thus promote a healthy communication and/or healthy relationship.

Communication is another element needed to improve and maintain a good interaction. Feelings must be expressed, either verbally or gesture. Though, all should be aware of how to communicate them effectively for better understanding. In this technological era, the mean to communicate between all is made easier. We are basically one text, one call, and one emoji away from either initiating a beautiful relationship or screwing up one. (So, exercise caution, and text your way mindfully. Be sure to choose the right emoji.) Regular communication with the others helps to sustain the connection between individuals and strengthen the bond.

In professional relationships as well, colleagues must communicate well for a better bonding. Sit with your coworkers and discuss issues face to face to reach to a mutually acceptable solution. One should be aware of the tone that we used to communicate to avoid misunderstanding.

Honesty is the best policy.
A perfect ingredient for all relationships is transparency. Apply this to all your interaction. However, think prior to taking any action. You should choose when to be honest. Think if the action you are about to take with honesty is going to affect the other person. Often times, lack of transparency in relationship gradually decreases the intimacy and trust, and in romantic and family relationship it may give life to jealousy and mistrust which only pave a way for broken relationship and separation.

Problems occur. Mistakes are made. We are all but only human who are prone to committing errors despite all efforts. When it happens, own up to it. Accept your wrong doing. Remember to be calm. There is always a way out. Talk about it Differences in attitude, mindsets and perceptions give rise to conflicts at the workplace. The best way to solve any conflict is to put it on the table and calmly talk it over. Do not put the blame on anyone; do not start counting back the mistakes that had been resolved. It doesn’t serve the right purpose.

“Respect is not an upgrade in relationship, it is a requirement.”

Respect is a pattern found in great relationship. One can’t expect to stay in a relationship for long without it. Now, respect has to be earned, and you can gain respect by giving them from your part. There are many ways to show your respect. One can display their respect via language use, or body language. Rolling the eyes, for instance, is considered rude and disrespectful to many; thus should be avoided. There are also many things that could go wrong when it comes to showing respect. Raising your voice may also be viewed as inappropriate.

Time is the best medicine.
Like all other medicines, it is a two-face weapon. Give enough, not too much, not too little.

Investing your time in a relationship shows your care, and suggests the importance of the other person. Be sure to receive enough back, or else you are at loss. It is necessary that in a relationship each person’s time and presence is appreciated.

“To enjoy good health, to bring happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s mind” – Buddha

Peacefulness is delivered through being understanding and forgiving. These are also the two keys to watering and growing a healthy relationship. An individual needs to be a little more forgiving in relationships. Do not drag issues unnecessarily. Fighting over small issues is foolish and makes the situation all the more worse. There is no winning in a relationship. No one in any relationship has ever gained anything from a fight. Again, do not bring back and count all the mistakes one has done to make your point. Let bygone be bygone. Forgive and forget.

Most of the time we let our emotion influence of our action. Haven’t we all heard enough of the quote, “Think with your head, not your heart.”? Emotions while make us human, what should be best done with them is to just feel them fully and let them go. Never acts on impulse. When you are mad, please walk away from the other person. Count to ten. Take control of your emotion and don’t let it get the best of you. Take a minute to evaluate the situation clearly before jumping into the conclusion.
Evaluate issues carefully. Do not jump to Do not always see your own personal interests.

Learn to exercise your listening skill.
Listen adds up to building a stronger rapport with the people around you. Pay attention if you are in a conversation. Engage when necessary. This is truly nice to make it enhanced in relationship as example of relationship tips being been stated as long distance relationship advice indeed.

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” – Stephen R- Covey

If you listen with the intent to reply, then you are not listening fully. You are engaging in your word and idea processing so you can respond to what was said. You don’t always have to relate or respond in anyway. Sometimes all that is needed from you is to just be in there physically and mentally. Don’t think about anything else. Just LISTEN. This sounds simple, yet perhaps the hardest thing one can do. As we have short attention span, this task may need some practice. A tip we can give is to put away your phone. That makes it a lot easier.

Show your commitment. Following any success is the commitment one out into achieving the goal. Applying the same rules to our human interaction, one should always display commitment in various ways. In a romantic relationship, it helps to work hard once in a while or as often as possible go on a romantic date. A date night offers setting environment that spices up the bond between the couple. Giving time also shows that you are committed to making the relationship work and grow. In professional relationship, being committed means you would do anything in your power for the goal of the team or the organization. After all, a success of our team is our success in itself. So, this is to be commitment one indeed.

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” – Vince Lombardi

With all that is going on in our lives, a relationship with the world out there is a weighty topic that should not be overlooked. A healthy interpersonal connection proffers supports, emotionally and physically, assistance and motivation for personal and professional growth and development. Accordingly there should be no excuse to putting more efforts in keeping the bond strong and fit by being more mindful and understanding. To nurture a healthy relationship, listen fully, speak truthfully, and put in your time.

“A true relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other.”

In final, this article may let all of us come up with and/or judge it and more particularly family relationship. However, it may be required us to pave away and reach the goal of example of several relationships that make all of us lived in harmonization far beyond the family relationship. For example, it should be involved in community relationship, society relationship, country relationship and between in family and out family relationship, in community and out-community relationship, in country and out country relationship and etc. Indeed, we may reflect that the good relationship and the more relationship as above example may be contributed us to deal with and live in desire, hope, peace, development and prosperity in long term.