Where Are The Best Places To Visit Cambodia

This article is to focus on Cambodia places to visit and then need to have any Cambodia travel guide in Cambodia tourism. Cambodia has rich natural resource and ancient temples such as landscape, forest, mountain, waterfall, river, beach, island, Angkor temple Cambodia and etc. If you decide to get places to visit in Cambodia any time, it is truly attracted your feeling and sense for long time and may want you to visit again indeed. Cambodia has people who are always smile and welcome foreign people and so Cambodia trip is really amazing and attractive. You may also try to have Cambodian foods with delicious dishes contained natural ingredients for body health. So, few words mentioned on the things to do in Cambodia will be not enough for us to describe, but you come to travel to Cambodia and it has even more than what we introduce.

Are you easily intrigued by eastern cultures? Are you a person who finds changes in the world too fast that you spin yourself dizzies just trying to wrap your head around? Have the clean city streets started to give you headache? Have you ever thought of taking time to witness an intricate culture of Asia that is fading due to western influence? Do you want it to unfold before your very eyes? Does your ideal travel involve high-cut boots and huge rainproof backpack? If one of your answer is a yes, then come on down to travel to Cambodia, a rabbit-shaped country squeezes between Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and the Thailand’s gulf sea.

You might have already heard of Cambodia and also heard of the best time to travel to Cambodia. Maybe you’ve read about it in one of those books discussing its nation-wide civil war, the Pol Pot regime, or maybe you’ve recently watched Angelina Jolie’s latest film on Netflix titled, “First They Killed My Father.” However way you’ve found out about Cambodia, one thing that should not be misconstrued from all those books, movies, and internet blog posts is that Cambodians are cordial people with a helping heart.

Cambodia has been recovering from Khmer Rouge by prepping itself to the international stage through agriculture and tourism; Cambodia tourist attractions. Whether it’s large oak trees, abundant forests, mountain ranges, or an old volcano crater, whether it’s translucent ocean water, paper white shores, or schools of tiny fishes floating in between, whether it’s historical temples, hundreds of them, or their enchanting sculptures and reliefs, Cambodia has plenty to offer to those who genuinely seek adventures or an all of around thrilling trip. So, it may truly have best places to visit in Cambodia in connection with travel to Cambodia at any time.

Phnom Penh

Once was an abandon city, Cambodia’s capital city, Phnom Penh, has reinvented itself into a city full of life and spark. So, explore through the sandy asphalt roads that spliced into many portions that are this medium-paced city; explore the national museum, and browse through pamphlets and artifacts of their great history and downfall; explore the golden royal palace in light time though only within the unrestricted sections; present kings or queens are not included; explore the concentration camps of Khmer rouge and witness the pain and anguish caused to Cambodian people during a time they’ll never forget. Maybe after, explore the Mekong delta on a boat ride in front of the royal palace. And why not explore and indulge into the nightlife of the city from amazing Khmer cuisines to cheap drinks at night pubs.


On a more interesting note, you can have a city tour and go around all the main monuments, colonial buildings and landmarks like the Independence Monument, on the front of a cyclo, a pedal tricycle with the driver hoisted up above you, that was first used in Phnom Penh and was invented by Maurice Coupeaud during the French colonization of Cambodia. Explore the city on this slow ride while showing your support to a dying form of transportations pedaled by men whose wages are minimum. Show your support as you explore Phnom Penh, because many Cambodians are too busy staring down their phone.


Siem Reap

If you’re wondering what watchful wondrous wonders the wonderful Cambodia has to offer, look no further or maybe look further because there are hundreds of spectacular temples with intricately carved sculptures and reliefs erecting itself in a perplexing manner.


From the main attraction, Angkor Wat and Angkor Wat tours, a moat surrounded monument with its quincunx of towers expanding on a vast 162 acres of land to represent mount Meru of Hinduism and a period in history when Cambodia is a predominant empire in Asia. Visit the great monument which was dubbed as the largest religious monument in the world and the world 7th wonder that took two formidable kings to finish. Or maybe visit the Angkor Thom, a monument known for its 54 peaks that is sculpted with 216 faces with mysterious smile and bas-reliefs which display an unusual combination from historical, mythical, religious, to mundane everyday events like women selling fish in the market, located roughly four kilometers from the great Angkor Wat.


Take your time and explore hundreds other temples in Siem Reap, each mesmerizing and breath-taking, and each enchanting on its own. And after you have watched the sunset from the top of Phnom Bakheang temple, you can roam the night market and pub streets, full of life and energy that will give way to a night that you’ll never forget.


Looking in-depth amazing place, you may try to visit floating house of Chongkneas commune located in Tonlé Sap Lake. Note that Tonlé Sap is a big lake (i.e. at rainy season it has about 10,000 square kilometers and at dry season it just has only 3,000 square kilometers) in Southeast Asia, which water flows from Mekong River at rainy season and after that it flows back at dry season to the same river. In lake, there are many floating houses which move up at rainy season and down at dry season; each house has to move up at least five times and down at the same amounts. Indeed, just only hundred words of description are not enough for us to describe something about Tonlé Sap, but if you come to visit here, it would be amazing things even more than what we describe.

Sihaknouk Ville

Have you grown tired of walking?, Or of sightseeing? Or of the typical air you breathe? Maybe that last question comes off as a little suicidal, but here’s my counteroffer, Sihaknouk Ville. Located in the Southwest of Cambodia, this little province is the gateway to an oceanic paradise. It is a paradise that we should manage time to best beaches in Cambodia.


The activities which you can participate here have no limits. Waking up to the smell of ocean would be a guarantee to keep your mind at ease. You can enjoy lunch or dinner with your friends and families from the shore facing out to the blue ocean or sunbath on top the white sand while listening to the soothing rhythms of the waves or curl up with the good little book that you picked up before your flight here. For those who love to get into the middle of things, and I do meant that literally, maybe rent a boat and ride off to fish amidst the titanic ocean or rather go at it during nightfall for a watch of bioluminescent planktons as they illuminate against the stars or instead hop off on one of the many islands with crystal clear water and ivory sand. If you’re still not sure and I love the hate to drop name, it’s Long beach in Rong Island, which was named as not only the best beaches in Cambodia, but also best beach in the world.


So, spend some time and explore, go around, ask the friendly villagers, and they will surely point you in the right direction. But if you’re just like me and Joey, just invest some time digging a giant hole.


Ratanakiri is the lady nature of Cambodia, so trekkers, gathers around your backpack. It is the home region to Jarai, Tompuon, Prau, Kreung, and four other minorities. Most of the indigenous tribes live deep into the jungle, on hillsides and mountains, and they make a living through hunting and traditional agriculture.


The main attraction of Ratanakiri is Boeng Yeak Lom, a crater lake famous for its emerald hue surrounded by green nature that was formed from a dead volcano. It’s a great place for a nice swim with its clear water believed by the indigenous people to be sacred; and after, spend some time hiking around the rim of the old volcano. If you appreciate great coffee, then Ratanakiri is definitely the place for you with locally grown crops and its distinctive taste, but leave your trekking boots strapped in, because it doesn’t end there, not by a long shot. If you happen to find your skin redder than usual or your hair gingered due to the red dirt of Ratanakiri, then head forth for a nice shower in one of the many waterfalls close by. In short, Rattankiri is best places in Cambodia for tourist site.

If after you’ve picnicked near the crater, showered in the frigid water of Ka Chanh waterfall, and trekked through hills and forests, you still haven’t yet discharged all your adrenaline, then strapped on a life vest, and go kayaking. And while you’re there, ask for the indigenous rice wine, you won’t be disappointed.


Bokor national park would definitely pop up if you’re in the pursuit of a trip to this province. So, let’s start there. With the development of a new casino and hotel, new roads were paved to accommodate the travel to the top of the picturesque Bokor Mountain.


Once served as a hill station for the French, Bokor Mountain has come a long way; and remnants of the time still remain in the form of an old colonial casino and a catholic church, abandoned legacies that are now served as compliments to the bewitching hills and cliffs amidst the sprouting greens and white clouds roaming about. It doesn’t end there, Popokvil waterfall, which translated to swirling clouds, can be quite a sight if you’re happened to be there during the rainy season as more water breaks on the two-tier cliffs. However, none of that can top Wat Sampov Pram, a corroded compact pagoda though seemingly frail, has been battling nature since 1924, and was built on a plateau near a sharp ridge of the mountain, enabling a view like no other of the coastline and ocean below, though do be careful navigating about the area with heavy fogs descend and no proper barricades to break your fall if you slipped off one of the cliffs.


After, you can head for Kep beach, though it isn’t the best beach in Cambodia or the whitest of shores, Kep beach is up there against other beaches, mainly as a hangout place for Cambodians love to picnic while enjoying the fair breeze and dazzling view of the good blue ocean. And, I save the best part for last.

Needless to say foreigners, even most Cambodians might never even heard that there exists a small road detouring off the main road leading to a small village, where they serve fresh-made Nom Banh Chok, a traditional Khmer noodles unlike in Phnom Penh and where else, served with not two, but three types of special local soups. Become enthralled and witness the locals as he or she beats onto the dough, and immediately after rolling it into long rice noodle strips. Not only would you get to taste a real local cuisine, you would also better lives in the simple and small community. An extra motivational factor to holding your chest up high because your stomach will be stuffed and gravity will gain on you. So, ask the locals in Kampot, they can help you get there.

Koh Kong

Off the gulf of Thailand, Southwest of Cambodia is a province called Koh Kong, which was once an underdeveloped province. Koh Kong has overturned into a hub of ecotourism and has seen an influx of tourists due to its abundance forests and natures.


Tatai waterfall is one of them and is what Koh Kong is famous for. It’s a river meanders through. Cardamom Mountain with many gentle cascading waterfalls amidst the rainforests is truly amazing. You can ride up the river and in the meantime, scout for wildlife in the forest alongside the river on a boat ably steered by the local. And later, go for a trek through Cardamom Mountain and witness the frothy green nature unfolds.

Another strangely beautiful spot of Koh Kong is the mangrove forest, the largest in Southeast Asia,. There you can observe the mangrove roots branch out in weirdly ensnaring shapes. Mangrove forest is one of the best breeding place for fishes and marine life, so be on the lookout for them.

There are many beaches in Koh Kong for those who wish to just chill out and relax in the tropical breezes. Or maybe instead visit one of the many bars and restaurants in town.

Preah Vihear

There are not a lot to explore or do in Preah Vihrear, except the Preah Vihear Temple which has recently been enlisted as Cambodian second UNESCO world heritage after the tensional conflicts between Thailand and Cambodia. But with that being said, it is a tourist-friendly zone.


Preah Vihear has always been a monumental part of Cambodia, famous for its spellbinding architectural complex situated atop a giant cliff of Dangrek Mountain linked by a system of staircases 800 meters long. There are five gopuras, in simple terms, entrances, each follows by a courtyard leveling on different height, making it impossible to see the whole complex from one point of view.

On a breezing day after you’ve climbed to the top, you would see the temple erecting amidst the fogs like a heaven on earth, while on a clear sunny day, you can survey the northern landscape of the towns resting below. There is no losing here, an untempering must.

In conclusion, seven best places to travel to Cambodia are just only one corner of amazing and breathtaking sites among hundred sites being not described here. There still have many sites which Cambodia may explore them in place. You come to travel to Cambodia one time is not enough time-frame for you to visit Cambodia. However, at least it may give you some excitements forever. It may be a best place that allows you to minimize your depression and stress after being work hard and other complications in your mind. You may come to visit Cambodia any time, but the best time to travel to Cambodia is between October and November because it is warm season with temperature of 20-25 Celsius. This season is after rainy season you may enjoy every place in Cambodia. Moreover, if you want to be enjoyed with Cambodian people, you should come to travel to Cambodia at Cambodian New Year or Sangran being held in second week of April. In short, travel to Cambodia may become memorable time and souvenir unforgettable for those who used to get experienced in Cambodia previously.