How To Build Best Brain Health And Increase Brain Function

This article is to focus on brain human. It is aimed at contributing to our kids so that s/he may have capacity to involve education, research/study and other involvements. Note that currently we may not rely on natural resource as previously. Last a hundred year, we had a lot of natural resource and this natural resource might offer those who have many children. However, we may not feed several children because our natural resource has almost gone. Although we have few children, we have to have smart kids who may catch any professional for not only survival, but also for rich person according to their smart. In order to get the smart kids, it needs to get some substances to build strong and powerful brain in education being brought idea initiative, innovative, and creative towards growth of oneself and country. Thus, some best foods may contribute to brain health and brain power indeed.

Human brain is central nerve system served capacity of human being to think, reflect, remember and reach what they want. It may control all actions and reaction. In human body, it plays a central role to monitor and follow up all activity from a day to day. As said in place, the strong mind the strong body. However, brain has to need nutrition for brain health to build brain power so that it may be able to create and to innovate something as new creative and innovative for serving mankind and development. Accordingly, brain food and brain healthy foods play important for brain on how to improve memory. Besides, when we get full brain food and brain healthy foods, we may get something as brain supplements to deal with how to increase brain function in thinking, study, research and other involvements. Indeed, brain may need all best brain supplements to create and sustain it and to escape from memory loss.

In order to get a good brain and avoid brain diseases, we have to need a good brain food including vitamins, minerals and other brain supplements. Furthermore, brain needs doing brain exercises and training so that it may maintain brain power and brain health in long activity and time. In fact, the brain supplements should be started from young boy and girl more particularly from teenager because it may be affordable for him or her in connection with capable of study, research, think-tank and others. Note that many elderly people face dementia and this may be drastically dropped in neuron and/or brain diseases at end of life expectancy (i.e. life expectancy is both good and bad health). In short, brain plays important for all of us in entire life and so it needs healthy brain including nutrition for brain health, brain healthy foods, and best brain supplements.

Now, we may look for some foods that may contribute to the best brain health. First, we should look at berries. The berries may make our nervous system strong and powerful. The berries are types of fruit that enrich vitamins and minerals. Several studies have indicated that blueberries may boost the understanding power including memory. The berries are truly rich in antioxidants being led to improve the blood flow on the way to the brain and defend the brain cells. If someone regularly consumes blueberries, his or her memory and coordination power is stronger than others who have been never ever consumed it. Note that the blueberries are useful for not only brain cells, but also boost comprehensive cells and memory; particularly blackberries. So, we should encourage our kids and other persons to eat berries group for strong and powerful nervous system for future capacity of brain in linking with education, activity and others.

In nutritional value per 100 grams or 3.5 oz, it contains energy 136 kilojoules, or 33 calories, including carbohydrates 7.68 grams, sugars 4.89 grams, dietary fiber 2 grams, fat 0.3 gram, and protein 0.67 gram. It has vitamins’ group such as thiamine (B1) 2% or 0.024 milligram, riboflavin (B2) 2% or 0.022 gram, niacin (B3) 3% or 0.386 gram, pantothenic acid (B5) 3% or 0.125 gram, vitamin (B6) 4% 0.047 gram, folate (B9) 6% or 24 micrograms, choline 1% or 5.7 grams, vitamin C 71% or 58.8 grams, vitamin E 2% or 0.29 gram, vitamin K 2% or 2.2 and micrograms. In berries’ group, it comprises minerals, for example, calcium 2% or 16 micrograms, iron 3% or 0.41 milligram, magnesium 4% or 13 milligrams, manganese 18% or 0.386 milligram, phosphorus 3% or 24 milligrams, potassium 3% or 154 milligrams, sodium 1 milligram and zinc 1% or 0.14 milligram. It has constituents with water 90.95 grams and fluoride 4.4 micrograms. In short, via observing the relevant elements of the berries’ group it may be potential substance for brain health.

Second, garlic is considered best for fighting diseases such as stomach problems, cancer, colon, weight issues and much more. However, many people do not know that garlic consists of such elements that make the brain cells strong and powerful. Many studies are in the favor of it. Studies have proved that garlic has a compound that boosts serotonin levels which simply improve the learning capability, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Garlic is popularly realized by all of people around the world. It is reflected best for combating diseases, for instance, stomach problems, cancer, colon, weight problems and much more. However, various people do not realize that garlic contains elements being made brain cells strong and powerful. Several studies found that it is so favorite substance. Moreover, the studies showed that garlic contributes to a compound being boosted serotonin levels. These substances make it easily to improve the learning capacity, critical thinking and problem solving.

In garlic substance or nutritional value per 100 grams, it may have energy 623 kilojoules or 149 calories, carbohydrates 33.06 grams, sugars 1 gram, dietary fiber 2.1 grams, fat 0.5 gram, and protein 6.36 grams. Furthermore, garlic has vitamins such as thiamine (B1) 17% or 0.2 milligram, riboflavin (B2) 9% or 0.11 milligram, niacin (B3) 5% or 0.7 milligram, pantothenic acid (B5) 12% or 0.596 milligram, vitamin (B6) 95% or 1.235 milligrams, folate (B9) 1% or 3 micrograms, and vitamin C 38% or 31.2 milligrams. In minerals, the garlic has calcium 18% or 131 milligrams, iron 13% or 1.7 milligrams, magnesium 7% or 25 milligrams, manganese 80% or 1.672 milligrams, phosphorus 22% or 153 milligrams, potassium 9% or 401 milligrams, sodium 1% or 17 milligrams and zinc 12% or 1.16 milligrams. Last, other constituents contain water 59 grams and selenium 14.2 micro grams. Thus, within enriching these substances, the garlic may really boost and improve brain cells.

Third, spinach is not only delicious in taste but it is also helpful for our brain. Spinach is rich in nutrients especially vitamins B6, B12 and folate. The folate impaired concentration and memory. It also makes the brain signals strong and its connectivity with other parts of the body. Vitamin and folate release neurotransmitters that drive healthy brain function. And its deficiency causes neurological disorders including short term memory, depression and weak the concentration level.

Spinach may provide 97 kilojoules or 23 calories. It has carbohydrates 3.6 grams including sugar 0.4 gram, dietary fiber 2.2 grams, fat 0.4 gram and protein 2.9 grams for nutritional value per 100 grams or 3.5 oz. Moreover, vitamin A equivalent 59% or beta carotene 469 micrograms, vitamin A 9377 international unity (IU), vitamin thiamine B1 7% or 0.078 milligram, vitamin riboflavin B2 16% or 0.189 milligram, vitamin niacin B3 5% or 0.724 milligram, vitamin B6 15% or 194 micrograms, vitamin C 34% or 28 milligrams, vitamin E 13% or 2 milligrams and vitamin K 460% or 483 micrograms. Furthermore, in spinach it has minerals, for instance, calcium 10% or 99 milligrams, iron 21% or 2.71 milligrams, magnesium 22% or 79 milligrams, manganese 43% or 0.897 milligrams, phosphorus 7% or 49 milligrams, potassium 12% or 558 milligrams, sodium 5% or 79 milligrams, and zinc 6% or 0.53 milligrams. With other constituents, it has water 91.4 milligrams. Indeed, spinach really has so potential vitamins, minerals and other involvements being brought it to build strong and powerful brain.

Fourth, fish is well recognized as source of essential element for brain health. It has so rich in omega-3. It is amazingly source of polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid. This is truly to maintain and help in normal brain function. Several studies indicate that people who eat omega-3 frequently in their diet may build mental ability to bring and visual memory stronger than the others who consume less omega-3 in their diet.

Now, look at gram of omega-3 acid per 3 oz or 85 grams being served for popular fish. For example, Herring and Sardines 1.3 -2 grams, Spanish mackerel, Atlantic Pacific 1.1 1.7 grams, Salmon 1.1 – 1.9 grams, Halibut 0.6 – 1.12 grams, Tuna 0.21 – 1.1 grams, Swordfish 0.97 gram, Green shell/lipped mussels 0.95 gram, Tilefish 0.9 gram, Tuna (canned light) 0.17-1.1 grams, Pollock 0.45 gram, Cod 0.15-0.24 gram, Catfish 0.22 – 0.3 gram, Flounder 0.48 gram, Grouper 0.23 gram, Mahimahi 0.13 gram, Orange roughly 0.028 gram, Red snapper 0.29 gram, Shark 0.83 gram, King mackerel 0.36 gram, Hoki (blue grenadier) 0.41 gram, Silver gemfish 0.40 gram, Blue eye cod 0.31 gram, Sydney rock oyster 0.3 Tuna canned 0.23 gram, Snapper 0.22 gram, Barramundi, saltwater 0.100 gram and Giant tiger prawn 0.100 gram. In short, it may provide so powerful source of elements for brain health.

Fifth, turmeric has been used many purposes so far. It has curcumin content that may be fighting inflammation, antioxidant, helpful for arthritis, protecting the heart in various ways, useful for fighting diabetes and cancers and brain boosting. It is used for ingredients of several foods (i.e. curry food) in Asian countries such as India, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and etc. It is a kind of spices that has been used not only in the treatment, but also in protecting and preventing many diseases. In general, it is used to decrease inflammation and therapeutic process. Now, it is far beyond the treatment of inflammation, and it also has several advantages for brain cells. Note that it is enriched in such omega-3 fatty acids recognized as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and so it may lead to promote the healthy brain function.

In turmeric nutritive value per 100 grams, it has energy 354 calories or 17%, carbohydrates, 64.9 grams or 50% (i.e. Percentage of recommended daily allowance, RDA), protein 7.83 grams or 14%, total fat 9.88 grams or 33%, dietary fiber 21 grams or 52.5%. In addition, it has vitamins such as folates 39 micrograms or 10%, niacin 5.14 micrograms or 32%, pyridoxine B6 1.8 or 138%, riboflavin 0.233 milligram or 18%, vitamin A 0 IU, vitamin C 25.9 milligrams, or 43%, vitamin E 3.10 milligrams or 21% and vitamin K 13.4 micrograms or 11%. Besides, in minerals it has sodium 38 milligrams and potassium 2525 milligrams or 54%, iron 517%, manganese 340% (Source: USDA National Nutrient data base). Indeed, these substances may serve and contribute to brain cells and to boost them to become strong and powerful brain particularly for the kids.

In conclusion, the best foods for brain health are so important for kids and other persons both men and women. These foods may contribute to the kids and human beings to build strong and powerful brain for young future generation according to Khmer proverb said “A bamboo shoot grows to be bamboo.” When the young generation gets brain health, it will bring strong in educational activity and so the human resource and capital will make more and more number in the country. The human resource is a key role for not only job opportunity and income generation, but also economic growth and development. This is due to brain health. Still, it may rely on foods that assist in strengthening the brain health of capacity and in enduring the powerful brain to involve education, research, study and other involvements in term of capacity human development. Accordingly, parent should select the best foods that benefit our kids and bring the kids to become smart. So, we should reflect foods served brain’s kids because it is useful for brain health and kids, and it brings advantage of society as the whole.