Love Story Of Then And Now Images May Last Forever

25th Wedding Anniversary

1990 To 2017. Married 26 Years Now And Still Rockin!
Michelle Rae

1992 On Our Wedding Day

From Honeymoon To 4 Children And 6 Grandchildren – It’s Been A Wonderful First 39 Years!
Dave Hebert

State Fair 20 Years Apart: 1993 And 2013

Karen Clark

With The Love Of My Life – Our Wedding Day In 1995, Now. 23 Years And Going Strong!

Bill Alderson

Friends Since 1999 A Couple Since 2006 And We’re Happily Married With A Perfect Little Boy

Heather Martin

Our Honeymoon In 2000 And Now 2017

Meridith Williams

1965 Newly Married – 2017 Long Married! 52 Years And Still In Love! Best Decision I Ever Made!

30 Years Married.
Shauna Knight

24 Years Have Flown By-Senior Prom 1991 Vs 20th Anniversary Dinner 2015.
Robyn Lycan