Love Story Of Then And Now Images May Last Forever

The love story may truly become fairy-tale among all of people around the world. Previously, all of people were not interested in this matter, but in the new contemporary the love story may not last forever because many of them often want to what is new and what is in line with their modern era. Accordingly, some of them wanted to change few partners due to condition of living standard, financial situation, work condition, contradict idea of life in modern era and development of the country. Indeed, percentage of divorce may tend to increase and/or the percentage of partners without marriage may come to increase.

An evolution is involving all of people and all of race and skin people throughout the world. Previously, this tradition seemed to be that it was occurred in the western countries, but as noticed we may see such tradition get spillover with other countries such as Asia, Africa and other continent around the world. Based on some documents, we are noticed that the divorce and partners without marriage in western or developed countries were high in comparison with Asian countries. As we mentioned above, this is due to pressure condition, for example, seeking job opportunity , debts from education, different labor intensive among spouse. In short, all of these may be pressed some people to be tired of compiled family and appeared to conflict between husband and wife, and next reached to divorce and/or the partners with no any marriage; they stay in boy and girlfriend.

Nevertheless, falling in love seems to that it is undeniably one of the best feelings some couples may get to experience in the life in place. It is noticed that what it may occur when those butterflies in our stomach go away? Truly the couples may stick together and may prove that the love becomes much more than that matter as unbelievable in the modern era. In each year, the couple spent together and they grow big and bigger, that is leaving those couples with lots of beautiful memories to cherish. In short, this is to introduce us with then and now images that prove love may last forever. More reading

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