Beautiful Images For Amazing Traditional Wedding Outfits in The World

Each country has own wedding being consistent with traditional era and sometimes it may find tune according to one period to another period. Talking about western cultures in seeing scenery pictures, we may notice that brides traditionally wear a white dress on their wedding day. If we look what is beyond the western cultures, we may find a wide variety of wedding attire based on different practiced countries and cultures. In viewing beautiful photos, some brides adorn themselves in colorful garments, others paint their hands and faces in consistent with local traditions as seen in following beautiful scenery, but some hide their faces completely behind layers of jewelry or veils. Thus, the wedding ceremony of all photos, relies on traditional demography and what is required for that society in place.

However, of course not everyone maintains such traditions and in fact quite few people wear what they want for their Big Day. Accordingly, Bored Panda frequently provides an interesting insight into the different ways that different people in diverse demography may celebrate the same occasion. Indeed, wedding culture and wedding day represent identity of each country and also the day of amazing life in bride and groom towards successful future. More reading. (h/t)

Khmer Bride and Groom Outfits
This is image is taken from my niece wedding.

Traditional wedding and dresses for weddings are tied each other for Khmer traditional wedding. Really true, it may have a lot of wedding decorations and wedding dress styles in ceremony being held chronological orders. The traditional wedding might indicate several historical roots in relation with the Buddha’s period and continued to present time. As stated by Oknha Nov in connection with Khmer Wedding Rules, it took place in ancient Khmer wedding laws and people initiated to perform a song mentioning God Vesandor Borom Pothisat organizing such marriage between his children i.e. Chealy and Kroesna. Besides, some other songs are to let say something about the marriage arrangement of God Ream and Seda. However, from past to present time, the wedding ceremony of preparations is arranged based on the rules guided by King Preah Chey Chesda Thebdey.

Furthermore, all ceremonies of Khmer wedding are involved in mythical stories, for example, a story “Som Sla Kanseng” according to king’s book. That is, two friends were committed to marry their son and daughter each other when someone had son and daughter and vice and versa. Besides, another story shows us something as “the three betel flowers”. It calls what were that there were four men that had different skills namely swimming, shooting, fortune telling, and magic. For instance, a swimmer became husband of the girl when the swimmer saved her from deep water. In short, as seeing in beautiful images of Khmer wedding dresses you may use image search to check amazing Khmer wedding as continued in Tourist of Cambodia.

Khmer traditional wedding previously was cerebrated in three days of time period, but now it has been changed for just only one day. Speaking about wedding dresses, Khmer weeding dresses may be copied from several countries, for instance, bride wedding outfit might be copied some parts from India, furthermore, another part seems to be copied from China and western culture included some local culture. As for groom, something has been done and copied the culture the same as the bride. Besides, a wedding place must have to stay in bride’s house, nevertheless, sometimes it stays in bride’s house and sometimes it spends a whole day in a restaurant. This is because of some problems in city and urban, for example, traffic jam, too small house and not affordable for ceremony and some people don’t want to disturb public with using public street for the ceremony. So, a circumstance seems to force wedding ceremony to change situation in place.

Matyo Bride From Hungary

Via image search, we may have seen Hungarian traditional wedding that it customarily a work of best man to individually visit each wedding guest and vocally call them to the wedding ceremony. Note that it was his duty to organize up to three days involved in wedding festivities. In wedding ceremony, a bride and groom may go as a couple to personally invite relatives, neighbors and close friends to join their wedding. As seeing following beautiful photos, the traditional Hungarian bridal dress was so colorful and decoratively larger than life, very often with flower style. So, it is very amazing Hungarian traditional wedding included many works before the wedding ceremony to come in place.

In beautiful images, it may give us to see that three bright and vibrant colors have been generally repeated in the bride included dress and in her large and elaborated headdress. This comprised woven wheat as symbol of fertility and under the dress were several layers of underskirts. Currently, several brides choose a white wedding dress the same as those worn in the U.S. and Western Europe. In previous time, the wedding ceremony was done for large numbers of people and sometimes the whole villages had been involved to form a wedding procession and to escort the bride from her home to the groom’s home or to come to church within colorfully painted and decorated cart. Thus, in scenery images the bride could be repeatedly toasted and wished well and it was not surprisingly for the bride to be kidnapped by a group of cheerful men or women and for the groom to get rescued his bride before the wedding ceremony. Source: Best Country

Traditional Wedding Costumes And Bridal Crown From Norway

From a wedding ceremony to another in western style, it may be similar in place. For instance, in Norwegian traditional wedding the groom traditionally wears and a hand-made woolen suit recognized as a bundas. Note that the bundas involves a white silk shirt, short pants, and stockings that reach the calf, a vest and topcoat indeed. With beautiful pictures, every design is unique according to the district of Norway somewhere the groom was born or somewhere the groom’s ancestors came from. In short, quite few people may reflect the bundas makes a man become as Norwegian prince.

Involved in traditional wedding dresses, groomsmen and the best man wear their bundas in place. Accordingly, bundas shows in a variety of colors providing the wedding a traditional as parallel as colorful look and feel. As for the bride, she traditionally wears a white or silver wedding gown, that is, she may also wear silver or silver and gold crown. In beautiful scenery, dangling around crown may be small spoon-shaped bangles and when the bride moves her head, the bangles create a melodic tinkling music. Note that Norwegian tradition is believed that the music from the bride’s bangles will protect from evil spirits.

In wedding ceremony, the bride may dance energetically and so the tinkling melody of the bangles may scare off the evil spirits that try to live the happy bride. Besides, traditions also keeps that the bridesmaids, dressed the same as the bride may confuse any evil spirits and more help protect the bride from evil inspirations. Note that music is a very crucial at a Norwegian wedding. At end of the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom exchange gold or silver wedding rings and traditional wedding kiss. In beautiful scenery, the kiss may symbolically impress the relationship between the husband and his wife. As for the ring, it shows with no starting and no end traditional represents never-ending love. Indeed, in wedding ceremony there are several things, several speeches as guests and family wish the new couple much happiness, including a great deal of music and dance too. Source: Best Country

Indonesian Wedding

Wedding ceremony involved in Indonesian traditional wedding is the national costume of Indonesia that shows us something as national costume. It becomes representing the Republic of Indonesia, and it comes from Indonesian culture including Indonesian traditional textile traditions in place. Via seeing beautiful scenery, the most usually identify Indonesian national costume consists of Batik and Kebaya albeit the costumes primarily belong to the culture of Java and Bali including Javanese, Sundanese and Balinese culture. Due to Java became the political and population center of Indonesia, folk costume generally was from islands that represented national status. Looking at image search, in multi-diverse country, Indonesia has over 30 provinces and so each indicates its own representation in connected with traditional attire and dress arrived from each province, let say wedding decoration, has its own unique and distinguished designs.

In beautiful images, national costumes have been worn in period of official events according to traditional ceremonies. In fact, the most obvious display related Indonesian national costumes may be viewed by the type of costumes worn by the President of Indonesia associated with the Indonesian first lady in several and diverse types of events. Moreover, the type of costumes is officially setting and also worn by Indonesia diplomatic officials in gala dinners. Beyond, traditional weddings and formal ceremonies happened in Indonesia become one of the important events in the country in which the attire of national costume of Indonesia is undeniably observable alternating from traditional to modern attire different from each region; indeed it is representing. In short, the traditional wedding and wedding dress styles in Indonesia seem to be combined by diverse regions from various provinces across the Indonesian territory. Source: Wikipedia

Bride In Gora Region Between Kosovo And Macedonia

Looking at Kosovo traditional wedding, it may remind us something as what happen a thousand years ago. It passed on to generations in current remote Donje Ljubinje in the Zhupa area located in south Kosovo. Currently, this tradition shows us at the verge of extinction, as only a 65-year-old lady carries on preparing young brides based on their traditions. It is noticed that the bride’s face has been painted quite few beautiful layers of colorful scene. Besides, three golden circles are symbol of cycle related life that is tied to one another by the golden roads, including someone crosses over their lifetime. Furthermore, the inner red circles symbolize fertility in which the red and blue dots have been born from and the entire face is covered by them, desiring her healthy and happy family. Indeed, Kosovo traditional wedding represents weird, amazing scene and beautiful images in place according to wedding photography shown. Source: National Geographic

Yakan Bride

In such wedding ceremony, Yakan is traditionally Muslim’s marriage. Yakan men may be allowed to get four wives, yet polygamy is so rare increasingly. In fact, most Yakans are only one wife even though various have two and very few have three or more according to real estimate. Talking about wedding ceremony, the marriages previously had been organized by the parents; however, currently the parents may reflect their children’s wishes. Note that the bridegroom included his family has to pay a bride-price to bride. However, this payment may be paid to the parents of bride until she has children and then it may be moved back to them. Based on estimate of payment, a greater bride-price has to be paid to the parents of the bride. In link with wedding ceremony, all expenses have been responsible for the bridegroom’s side. In general, the newly married couple may often live with the parents of either the bride or the groom, and in following time they may create their own household on land possessing to either of them. Note that husbands and wives may have owned property, that is, this property has been acquired in their common property. In other words, divorce is not uncommon and this case may be initiated by either spouse. Indeed, if the wife wants to involve a divorce, the bride-price has to pay back the groom, but the payment may not apply if this matter is due to husband wants to get divorced. Source: Every Culture

Chinese Wedding

Chinese wedding dresses seem to cover worldwide fame according to history. This is because of its antique and artistic needlework. As seen in beautiful scenery, ceremonies have shown us that Chinese wedding are dedicated to its ancient culture and tradition that may still have been prevalent in China, for example, the ceremonies present its deep influence on the wedding dress styles of bride and groom. Looking at beautiful pictures, red and white may be key dominants of two used colors involved in Chinese wedding dress styles for a wedding photography of Chinese traditional wedding indeed. Indeed, red is reflected to present symbol of love and prosperity and so most of the dresses in wedding ceremony dominate the red according to their color base being held in traditional wedding dresses, besides, the candles, flowers, ribbons and fireworks have been used in red color.

In history, if we look at image search of wedding ceremony, these dresses are customarily prominent in brides from southern China. That is, traditional wedding dresses consist of two-piece dress namely Gua, Kwa or the Chengsam. Moreover, bride and groom traditionally wore wedding dresses; seen in beautiful photos, contain Chengasm with dragon and phoenix design. Based on Chinese tradition, dragon symbolizes power and is worshipped by Chinese since ancient time. Accordingly, the arrangement of dragon and phoenix is a symbol for balance of male and female power. Beyond, black silk coat adorned with dragon robe is symbolized as wedding decorations for the typical wedding dress for groom. In short, most of the traditional dress designs have been come from inheritance of the time of Qing dynasty that was the last dynasty of China.

In other words, with a modern Chinese treatment the traditional Chinese wedding seems to be a little bit change. Chinese youth tends to prefer to wear more simple and sober set of coat with no any robe or hat, that is, it is a trend currently a day to alter the outfit twice or thrice over the night. Indeed, status symbol related families now are more the dresses and more the sophistication in Chinese contemporary. Source: Cultural China

Romanian Wedding and Bride From Oas Region

In Romanian wedding ceremony, it may be one of the most trustworthy and exciting manner to realize and understand something as our own eyes. It is also to say that how eastern European country show an unique mix of combined old and new style included times as well as cultural uniqueness tends to decline due to globalization happens in place. First of all, in traditional weddings couple has to go to the city hall in morning so that they may receive legally marriage status. Next, both backs home to get weeding dress styles in the evening and finally they have to go to church in order to get married in front of God. Indeed, from the church each will come to the wedding party.

If we are talking something about Romanian wedding, we may reflect one of the most interesting customs at a wedding, that is to say, a wedding is to kidnap the bride around midnight. This story, via seeing beautiful pictures, seems to be a little bit exaggerated in place. Involved in this matter, we may follow image search with dailymail. However, the traditional weddings of bride being kidnapped by the groom’s friends seemed to be not real Romanian tradition. Note that this custom has been widely extended in all the eastern part of Europe.

In general, the custom may be happened, for example, a group of close groom’s friends carries bride with the hand and sneak her out of building at what time the wedding is occurring. Next, the bride is brought to a bar, a club, in the city center or in the park and after that the guys that kidnapped the bride make a contact with the groom and demand for a ransom. Finally, the bride is gotten back to the wedding and the ransom is paid in whiskey or fine wine bottles for friends of the groom. Source: Tourist In Romania

Mongolian Bride

Via image search and seeing wedding ceremony in place, the traditional Mongolian wedding ceremony seemed to get changed over time. However, the Mongolian people have been trying to keep such traditional ceremonies and wedding decorations. To do such this event, it may be still caring about the younger generations’ interests with mixing modern wedding views in place. Note that most Mongolian people should care about the in-law family roots, that is, Mongolian people affirm that the future son-in law’s father should endorse their daughter and accordingly the future daughter-in-law’s mother should agree with their son. Indeed, this means that the son-in law will take of his future wife as similar as how his father took care of his wife, and in turn the daughter-in-law will care of her future husband as equal as her mother took care of her husband. Source:

Scottish Wedding

Scottish wedding is an amazing wedding ceremony for quite long time ago. Via seeing beautiful images, Scottish brides always wanted to include their own or their future husband’s set heritage into the wedding ceremony such as wedding decoration, wedding gowns, wedding dress styles, traditional wedding dresses etc. In fact, all of these may be combined into old and new traditional wedding according to their requirements indeed. Based on profile, the old traditional Scottish wedding gowns was named an “Arisaid” and it was resembled as a sort of hooped cape that was tied at the waist. Note that within the days of old Scottish, women wore, let say, only pale tartans or simple stripes and as for the colorful tartans or plaids, were set aside for the men. So, you may wear without any fear of being run out of town as you select to assume this event involved in traditional clothing in the wedding ceremony.

Currently, Scottish bride generally wears a long, white wedding gown the same as those worn across Europe and the U.S. This is to call modern tradition, for instance, a couple of differences use these traditional Scottish wedding that may tend to get more modest collar than those that quite few U.S. brides at this time wear included often sleeves. This matter may be because of different cultures, or it may be because of the chilly Scotland air or both. Thus, most beautiful images and memorable Scottish wedding gown seem to involve combining the best of old and new traditions. Source:

Japanese Wedding

In Asia, Japan seems to keep its deep traditional wedding in comparison with other Asian countries. Note that a Japanese wedding involves an all-day event. As noticed, the wedding customarily starts to deal with the traditional ceremony held at a shrine. In general, as seeing beautiful pictures of bride and groom, a Shinto priest will carry out the wedding ceremony. Now and then, in present time Japanese couples organized the marriage within a Christian church by a minister or priest. This may be really a little bit change from previous time because many couples decide for two wedding ceremonies, for example, on the one hand it follows Shinto and other hand it involves Christian.

As stated in fact, such wedding do not involve those who believe in Christian faith for the bride and/or groom, but it may be fashionable. Involved in a traditional Japanese wedding, the bride and groom habitually wear Japanese wedding kimono. In wedding ceremony, the bride wears a white wedding kimono named “uchikake” using a white headdress. Accordingly, as a symbol of submission the headdress represents a big and bulky, let say; to hide the bride’s “horns”. As for groom’s kimono, he is habitually black and involves his family’s symbol embroidered on it in white. Source:

Traditional Wedding In Ghana

In Africa, there may be different traditional weddings based on each culture, tradition, and geographic area and each country in relation with religion and civilization. In this case, we may raise one traditional Ghanaian culture, let us say, weeding ceremony involves something as phrase “knocking on the door”. That is, the man’s parents and elder relatives or his mother and brother or sister in the Asante tribe will travel to girl’s family on the name of “knocking on the door” with her family’s house to demand for permission from them to consent him to court her. If we are talking about traditional Akan weddings, it may be noticed that before the wedding ceremony the groom has to send gifts for the bride included clothing and wedding jewelry, a mat, a stool and a trunk box.

In real wedding ceremony, in that day groom will conduct delegates to bride’s house to escort her over to his home, that is, a drink is poured out beforehand she leaves her home and her brothers will ask for what is known as a “brother in law’s knife”. Last resort, this is to basically indicate another payment that must be paid and paid up the bride being permitted to leave her parent’s house. Source:

Hutsuls Wedding In Ukrainian Carpathians

Ceremony wedding of Ukrainian Carpathians is similar to other eastern European countries. That is, groom and bride wear the traditional clothes and walk with their horses. In other words, on the wedding day both bride and groom have been accompanied by boyars, bridesmaids, groomsmen wedding so on and so forth. Besides, the Hutsul Marriage is so lively scene including full of dances, games, jokes and puns. Furthermore, no wedding cannot have without breads or cakes, woven or embroidered towels. Yet, the wedding and engagement happen crucially in spring, summer, and autumn and more frequently in winter and then trying to be celebrated in advance of Lent. So, it may be firmly banned to celebrate a wedding in period of a fast.

It is noticed that initial sign involved in weeding ceremony in Hutsulshchyna is required to “give the towels” and it is inferred to wedding preparation according to wedding photography. Beyond, this is to show something as the consolidation for marriage was and then is “being in towel”. Based on ancient tradition, the best cakes are provided to newlyweds on a tablecloth being believed that his wife was rich and beautiful with regard to following image search in place. Then the couple continues to come to church on the horses. Looking at another wedding ceremony, the wedding party is a traditional wedding realized and witnessed in several parts of the world. Note that the Hutsuls has been started from the moment the newlyweds work out home after being backed from church. Lastly, horika or vodka and medovukha or meat will be poured into stoneware and wooden bowels and after that all of those attendances have been invited to get some from two spoons connected to each other by ring symbolized a married couple. Source:

Kazakhstani Bride

Wedding ceremony may be amazing and weird from one country to another. We may see several beautiful images; wedding dress styles included wedding decorations in western on the one hand and other traditional wedding dresses, wedding guest dresses and other involvement on the other hand. For instance, Kazakhstani bride is often waiting for a western man to seek her, that is, she may dream of seeking guy right like you to fall in love with her and to carry her away. Note that many Kazakhstani brides seem to make the perfect wives toward western men, for example, they love the impression of partnering up with a man from western world. Beyond, Kazakhstani brides may do everything and they also make their men excited indeed. In observation, Kazakhstani women amaze their graceful and slender builds, dark hair and black captivating eyes. Besides, lighter colored hair and blue or green eyes have been not unusual either. In some interesting attraction, exotic and eye-catching presence is emphasized according to modern sense of fashion. In short, brides from Kazakhstan are family adapted to and desiring to marry at younger age.

In observation, Kazakhstan is located in central Asia and this country is bordered with northwestern China. Besides, Kazakhstan has bordered with the Aral Sea and Caspian Sea. We may have known that Astana is a capital and habitants meet with continental climate, including cold winters and hot summers. This country has over 15 million people live in the country including a median age of 29.3 years old. And now, we may notice that the population growth seems to be slowly in place. In brief, Kazakhstan is resided by many ethnic groups such as Kazakh, Russian, Ukrainian and Uzbek. Source:

Indian Wedding

With regard to wedding ceremony, Indian weddings are always recognized for their grandeur and fun atmosphere. That is, it is a whole different ball game when it moves toward planning them. Note that it may be awe-inspiring for brides to be with the amount related events leading up to the wedding. Accordingly, this is what seems like 40 different ceremonies in the wedding ceremony itself. Due to the numerous sub-cultures in the country, we notice that there are many different versions with what people reflect to be an authentic India wedding. In fact, pre-wedding ceremonies are more important for traditional wedding in Indian weddings, that is, Indian people are reflected to be auspicious and kept a promise for the upcoming wedding. The traditional ceremonies may last something about a week, including excitement and cheer amid relatives and close friends and also including mother of the bride outfits, wedding dress styles, and other involvements.

There consist of two crucial pre-wedding ceremonies that have been celebrated throughout the country. For instance, the Pithi wedding ceremony is done for good luck, that is, the bride and groom proceed with separate Pithi ceremonies held at their family homes. Note that Pithi is a traditionally paste of turmeric, chickpea flour and rose water. In short, family members and well-wishers of the bride and groom use the paste on the bride/groom’s skin. As for, the Mehndi event, it is a colorful celebration done at the night before the wedding. It is traditionally celebrated by the women on the bride’s side of the family. Usually, a professional mehndi artist or relative can exercise henna in elaborate designs with the hands and feet of the bride and other women in the family. Indeed, these complicated designs denote joy, beauty, spiritual awakening and offering.
As seeing indeed, a traditional wedding ceremony contains a series of religious ceremonies that marry not only the bride and groom, but also their families. Lastly, in the Indian culture, preserving close ties with immediate and stretched family is critical. Source: All Images Source: Lina D.