Scenery Images of Amazing Most Outrageously Expensive Private Jets

Plane is modern means of all passengers around the world to quickly fly from one to another country. Previously, if we want to fly from Cambodia to United States of America, we may take several weeks or few months by ship and if we traveled by plane, we spent at least few days. However, now we may spend around just 15 or 20 hours, and we may arrive in the United States. More specifically, rich people have own jets and they travel to anywhere as quickly as they want because they do not want to need any transit place like us.

In other words, you may read some stories on the internet about the horrors of riding airplanes with some co-passengers who were taking off their shoes. In addition, they might met stinky feet, babies who cried throughout a long-haul flight, and selfish people who tried to take too much space on the plane’s seat. Accordingly, this is to be sure that these scenarios may make someone who has full enough money and wish to buy own private jet. For us, it may be still a dream, but billionaires might make their dream to become real indeed. Look! The most luxurious and expensive private jets in the world have been bought by some billionaires as seen indeed. More reading


This belongs to Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi, and technically this aircraft alone is only worth $300 million. Yet, he tried to pay another $200 million so that the plane becomes personalizing his own private aircraft. Note that interior plane was built all of gold.


This plane is called as “A palace in the sky”. This shows us for what most people name the Boeing 747-8 VIP aircraft; its cost of $150 million. That is, it is for only someone who is very wealthy client because they have to pay a couple of million dollars involved in this passenger plane. Really true, the VIP private jet may have a built-in dining room, an office, a stateroom, and lounges.


This aircraft is normally used for commercial flights and has the cost of 100 million. This is belonged to US President-elect and billionaire Donald Trump. This is a Boeing 757 with gold-plated seat belts and it is just the choice for private aircraft. Note that one hour flight may cost him more than $10,000, including fuel. In his campaign, Donald Trump might take over half a million dollar on his private travels in one quarter.


Look! This is highly customizable Airbus ACJ319 private jet and has cost of $80 million. It could be the aircraft of the dreams. At the rear of the plane, it is a bedroom and provides you get your quality sleep when you have to fly out of the country.


In comparison with the cost, it is low cost and affordable for either millionaire or billionaire; it is $66 million. This is recognized as the most economic and eco-friendly private jets in the market. This aircraft might be one of your best choices; $66 million.


This plane is likely to belong Russian State Own and its cost is $50 million. The Sukhoi Superjet 100 was displayed to the market in 2001 and it might be the biggest private jet on this list. Note that owners of this superjet may modify the passenger seating of this plane for up to 100 persons. Thus, they may convert this luxury jet into a venue for one of the massive private parties in the air.


This is non-stop and top speed and has $45 million for corporate jet. It is one aircraft that could bring its 19 passengers to long distances.


The plane is first released in 2011 and its cost is $30 million. That is, the Embraer Legacy 650 is a flawless aircraft for businessmen and celebrities. It may be served as someone who want to move often from one country to another. Note that the aircraft consists of three separate large cabins, 240 cubic feet for your baggage, a high-tech entertainment system, a galley, and the largest lavatory in comparison with the aircrafts in its class. It is one of the world’s richest celebrities namely Jackie Chan. He bought an Embraer Legacy 650 for his own utility, and he even painted his personal logo using China’s flag colors.


This plane is medium-size private jet; it costs $22 million. It may easily sit 10 passengers and could still leave extra interior space, that is, it is bigger than some jets compared to the same class as the Hawker 4000.


If we compare to the other nine luxury planes, it is so cheap and affordable for only millionaire (i.e. $5 million). This has spacious, comfy, and economical private jet lands 10th that records the list of the world’s most expensive private jets. Note that this aircraft may have seven seats to nine for passengers.