Scenery Images of Amazing Re-imagination of 19th Century People with Modern Technology

Look! this beautiful scenery may be not created images back to 19th century people. However, Los Angeles-based photographer, Qingjian Meng may do such work. That is, she has started scheming project namely Gold Rush that runs anachronistic portraits of 19th-century people applying and intermingled with current technologies, for example, a tablet, Apple watch, e-cigarette, a Bluetooth headset, and even a drone.

Note that she has shared that the committed series is as quoted as “explore the coexistence of two different eras. By creating 19th century characters posing with 21st century technology, these portraits create a dialogue between generations. It anachronistically reveals how cyclical economic and innovative tides can be… No matter what time or place we have come from, the human spirit will always strive to create something new, while building on the foundation of our predecessors.” More reading

01-scenery-images-of-amazing-re-imagination-of-19th-century-peopleImage Source: Stephanie Chang

02-scenery-images-of-amazing-re-imagination-of-19th-century-peopleImage Source: Stephanie Chang

03-scenery-images-of-amazing-re-imagination-of-19th-century-peopleImage Source: Stephanie Chang

04-scenery-images-of-amazing-re-imagination-of-19th-century-peopleImage Source: Stephanie Chang

05-scenery-images-of-amazing-re-imagination-of-19th-century-peopleImage Source: Stephanie Chang

06-scenery-images-of-amazing-re-imagination-of-19th-century-peopleImage Source: Stephanie Chang

07-scenery-images-of-amazing-re-imagination-of-19th-century-peopleImage Source: Stephanie Chang

08-scenery-images-of-amazing-re-imagination-of-19th-century-peopleImage Source: Stephanie Chang