Scenery Images of Amazing Realistic Paintings on Skin Transform the Body

In scenery images, we well recognize that artist Chooo-San has her skills to form mind-bending illusions on the body. With this matter, this may be transformed ordinary people in incredible ways—all without digital manipulation. Within acrylic paints and a realistic approach, the Japanese creative fashions made her things into cyborgs, animal/human hybrids and dolls. These relevant objects are becoming apart at the seams and each is awe-inspiring in its thoughtfulness to feature and attractively surreal as the skin is apparently stretched and molded.

Note that Chooo-San’s analog creations become a response to the overuse of technology in artwork. She stated to Daily Mail “I guess I was a little sick of everyone making pictures with their computers” and “and wanted to see how far I can go without those technologies such as Photoshop.” Indeed, her starting this type of painting was in 2012 and there may be wiewed Chooo-San’s illusions that grow even more refined and sophisticated. More reading

01-chooosan13Image Source: Sara Barnes

02-chooosan22Image Source: Sara Barnes

03-chooosan19Image Source: Sara Barnes

04-chooosan5Image Source: Sara Barnes

05-chooosan9Image Source: Sara Barnes

06-chooosan6Image Source: Sara Barnes

07-chooosan7Image Source: Sara Barnes

08-chooosan2Image Source: Sara Barnes