Scenery Images of Amazing Pumpkin Sculpting Master Turns Ordinary Gourds

Look! Year after year, we may have seen Ray Villafane of Villafane Studios that have been often transformed from ordinary pumpkins and gourds to extraordinary works of art. Via seeing these photos, we may see carving and crafting a myriad of characters done by Ray Villafane with his realistic-looking creations. This may be pushed the envelope of what there previously reflection was able to get squash. Note that Villafane and his crew carry the inanimate objects to life, providing them personalities being led to run the gamut from goofy to creepy.

As he carried on to hone his craft, the carved characters regularly grow arms and legs. In fact, they are stars of amusing scenes in which they prank one another. With viewing Villafane’s newest creations, we see one of the favorite fall traditions. Currently, he is made of two pickled pumpkin coffin that showcases for Nickelodeon Universe in the Mall of America. More reading

01-villafanestudios3Image Source: Sara Barnes

02-villafanestudios5Image Source: Sara Barnes

03-villafanestudios4Image Source: Sara Barnes

04-villafanestudios7Image Source: Sara Barnes

05-villafanestudios6Image Source: Sara Barnes

06-villafanestudios9Image Source: Sara Barnes

07-villafanestudios10Image Source: Sara Barnes

08-villafanestudios8Image Source: Sara Barnes

09-14482026_672286279595311_3971395051308711936_nImage Source: Sara Barnes

10-villafanestudios11Image Source: Sara Barnes