Scenery Images of Amazing The 11-Year-Old Comedian Is Killing Audiences

Talking about kids, we may think that they honestly may be not very funny, but by contrast this is not intentionally real. In fact, they seem to do funny things in relation with accident. However, they are not truly recognized for their comedy-timing or their razor-sharp wit. Every thing is nearly opposed by 100% for kid who names Saffron Herndon. Note that Saffron is just only 11 years old, and she may be tearing up venues throughout America including her outrageously inappropriate yet undeniably hilarious comedy performances.

With these images, Saffron writes all her own material and she is played at quite few diverse festivals and performs at Gilda Radner’s Laugh-fest in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dallas Comedy Festival, and Amsterdam Comedy Festival in Texas. This is quoted her word when she becomes hilarious comedian “At first big shows were tough when the crowd didn’t expect me. I realized I had to get my age out of the way early. My dad and I named the jokes I tell up front “Elephant” ’cause I felt like an elephant in the room. I come out and say, “I’m not what you were expecting am I?” They always laugh. Sometimes nervously.” Please help view and read her words in following photos as required. More reading. More info: Saffron Herndon | Facebook (h/t: 22words)

01-11-year-old-stand-up-saffron-herndon-7-57fcc1e0ed3cd__700Image Source:James Gould-Bourn

02-11-year-old-stand-up-saffron-herndon-6-57fcc1decccdb__700Image Source:James Gould-Bourn

03-11-year-old-stand-up-saffron-herndon-11-57fce60fbf7bf__700Image Source:James Gould-Bourn

04-11-year-old-stand-up-saffron-herndon-13-57fce63d85bb7__700Image Source:James Gould-Bourn

05-11-year-old-stand-up-saffron-herndon-10-57fcce96c1fac__700Image Source:James Gould-Bourn

06-11-year-old-stand-up-saffron-herndon-9-57fcce80c9d9a__700Image Source:James Gould-Bourn

07-11-year-old-stand-up-saffron-herndon-2-57fcc1d26fa56__700Image Source:James Gould-Bourn