Scenery Images of Amazing Russian Stylist To Show Every Woman Become A Queen

Looking at the scenery images, sometimes each woman may become a queen indeed. For example, Latvia-based Russian artist and image-designer, Konstantin Bogomolov started to make this matter to become real as you have seen in place. When he was moving to Riga from St. Petersburg, Bogomolov instigated the Bogomolov Image School that plainly transfer several people or at least what they may look like. As seen in the photos, the before and after images have been just the latest sample of Bogomolov’s craft: using “his knowledge of psychology,” “he creates a whole new image, based on the profession and personality of each woman.” Accordingly, the results become nothing whether not stunning, or rumor has it. Indeed, he did it for free so that it prove every woman can be a queen. More reading . More info: (h/t: brightside)

Juzefa, Riga
01-before-after-makeup-woman-style-change-konstantin-bogomolov-39a-57023a5161ac7__880Image Source: Iveta Pete

Natalija, Riga
02-before-after-makeup-woman-style-change-konstantin-bogomolov-19a-57023a3b6a5d0__880Image Source: Iveta Pete

Margarita, Riga
03-before-after-makeup-woman-style-change-konstantin-bogomolov-31a-57023a4908735__880Image Source: Iveta Pete

Tatjana, Moscow
04-before-after-makeup-woman-style-change-konstantin-bogomolov-7a-57023a2d4be91__880Image Source: Iveta Pete

Jurgita, Vilnius
05-before-after-makeup-woman-style-change-konstantin-bogomolov-41a-57023a5452b32__880Image Source: Iveta Pete

Natalija, Riga
06-before-after-makeup-woman-style-change-konstantin-bogomolov-21a-57023a3dcbf26__880Image Source: Iveta Pete

Oksana, Minsk
07-before-after-makeup-woman-style-change-konstantin-bogomolov-17a-57023a3938d32__880Image Source: Iveta Pete

Marija, Moscow
08-before-after-makeup-woman-style-change-konstantin-bogomolov-29a-57023a47208fc__880Image Source: Iveta Pete

Gulnur, Almata
09-before-after-makeup-woman-style-change-konstantin-bogomolov-49a-57023a60480d4__880Image Source: Iveta Pete

Inna, Moscow
10-before-after-makeup-woman-style-change-konstantin-bogomolov-47a-57023a5d4dc3a__880Image Source: Iveta Pete

Alīna, Riga
11-before-after-makeup-woman-style-change-konstantin-bogomolov-69a-57023a736fc9b__880Image Source: Iveta Pete