Scenery Images of Amazing Photoshop Troll Who Takes Photo Requests

Looking at the scenery images, you may see Photoshop troll who makes photo requests too literally strikes again. This is an idea initiated by remember James Fridman who gets the master of Photoshop and may take everything literally. In fact, Bored Panda used to write about him back in March, then again in June, and currently he strikes again. Let reflect that those who do not remember, this guy is likely to involve the magic wish-granting genie. Note that he may provide us truly what we questioned for but in a twisted kind of way. Accordingly, let just take a look at the image below to see what there may be talking about. More reading. More info: | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

01-funny-photoshop-james-fridman-7-58204002a0146__880Image Source: Greta J.

02-funny-photoshop-james-fridman-42Image Source: Greta J.

03-funny-photoshop-james-fridman-20-58204025c254a__880Image Source: Greta J.

04-funny-photoshop-james-fridman-11-5820400c93d34__880Image Source: Greta J.

05-funny-photoshop-james-fridman-32-582040429b10e__880Image Source: Greta J.

06-funny-photoshop-james-fridman-41Image Source: Greta J.

07-funny-photoshop-james-fridman-17-5820401d8ff0b__880Image Source: Greta J.

08-funny-photoshop-james-fridman-31-58204040b3419__880Image Source: Greta J.

09-funny-photoshop-james-fridman-19-58204022b864a__880Image Source: Greta J.

10-funny-photoshop-james-fridman-21-582040289ea7a__880Image Source: Greta J.