Scenery Images of Amazing Guy Photoshops Himself Into Daily Lives of Celebrities

Looking at the scenery images, you may see Average Rob who seemed to create Photoshop himself into daily lives of celebrities. Accordingly, this is to show us what is everyone’s best friend through good, bad and mostly awkward times. Note that all of these there may say that Rob’s unglamorous relationships with celebrities are surprisingly relatable. Really, as seen in photos the relationship between Average Rob and celebrities is unusual and hard to say something as you may have seen in place. Thus, ladies and gentlmen may judge and reflect based on your idea and concept on what action is happened. More reading . More info: Instagram

When Katy Does A Shoot At A Barn, Animals Attack Me…
01-katyperry-5821b749005b4-png__700Image Source: Average Rob

When I Passed Out On A Couch, Mila Took Advantage
02-milakunis-5821b6b55d2d9-png__700Image Source: Average Rob

When Taytay Plays, She Doesn’t Clean Up…
03-taylorswift-5821b78422ce4-png__700Image Source: Average Rob

When You’ve Got The Shittiest Job At The White House…
04-guy-brilliantly-makes-celebrity-pictures-look-more-average-and-relatable-9-582c0b50e6fca__700Image Source: Average Rob

Moments Before I Got Fired…
05-guy-shares-surprisingly-relatable-situations-with-celebrities-and-its-hilarious-5822dd8c8342d__700Image Source: Average Rob

When You Hate The People You Work For
06-guy-brilliantly-makes-celebrity-pictures-look-more-average-and-relatable-11-582c0b826dd13__700Image Source: Average Rob

When Brangelina Broke Up, I Died With Them
08-brangelina-5821b72f0ded9-png__700Image Source: Average Rob

What The Hell Did I Sign Up For Again?!
09-guy-shares-surprisingly-relatable-situations-with-celebrities-and-its-hilarious-5822dd8f7a5bd__700Image Source: Average Rob