Scenery Images of Amazing Most Epic Geeky Weddings Ever

In scenery images, wedding is so and so amazing in life. Many brides and grooms are often to look for landmark so that they may have deep souvenir from starting life of spouse to ending in the world. That is, we have been realized that we may have identified special someone at what time they look us in the eye and say “darling, I think we should have a Warcraft-themed wedding”. Really true, whether you love Warcraft that is. Or else it could be time to rethink the future together.

Luckily, the brides and grooms in these images seemed to do not face that such kind of awkward scenario due to these happy couples share one very important thing in common, for example, they are all total geeks. In order to see in this list of awesome alternative weddings, Bored Panda tried to compile something as we have seen indeed. Look! If you are a fan of Super Mario, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Disney movies, you may be sure to seek a wedding that speaks to your inner geek. More reading

Game Of Thrones Themed Wedding
01-geeky-themed-wedding-7-5742fd96a0e22__880Image Source:Julija Nėjė

Super Mario Themed Wedding
02-geeky-themed-wedding-5-5742fd8e810cc__880Image Source:Julija Nėjė

Disguised Superheroes Themed Wedding
03-geeky-themed-wedding-24-57456fe745668__880Image Source:Julija Nėjė

Star Wars Themed Wedding
04-geeky-themed-wedding-8-5742fd9b36cd7__880Image Source:Julija Nėjė

Little Mermaid Themed Wedding
05-geeky-themed-wedding-9-5742fd9e825c8__880Image Source:Julija Nėjė

Alice In Wonderland Themed Wedding
06-geeky-themed-wedding-13-574422bee5fa0__880Image Source:Julija Nėjė

Doctor Who Themed Wedding
07-geeky-themed-wedding-15-57445ef521b87__880Image Source:Julija Nėjė

Star Wars Themed Wedding
08-geeky-themed-wedding-1-5742fd824e3a5__880Image Source:Julija Nėjė

Magical Harry Potter Themed Wedding
09-geeky-themed-wedding-19-5745525f5610e__880Image Source:Julija Nėjė