Scenery Images of Amazing Politicians In Famous Horror Movie Scenes

Look! this is amazing scenery images that are presenting something as the world’s politician groups. That is, we may not reflect some of the world’s politicians that might get any more horrifying? Let check out this line up in conjunction with scary movie scenes. These are featuring some famous faces to see just how frightful they may really be. In this case, the concept for swapping out the Hollywood stars related the relevant horror films of political figures were from the creative community over at DesignCrowd. Note that dozens of designers offered the suggestions for world leaders with Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, and Angela Merkel as the alternative leads in films, for instance, Nightmare on Elm Street, Alien, and The Exorcist. Indeed, the submissions make categories from scary to surreal, including some viewing just a little too convincing for comfort. More reading
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Misery – Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton
01-misery-5816dcf3b9cbe-png__880Image Source: Jo Sabin

Nightmare On Elm Street – Vladimir Putin
02-nightmare-on-elm-street-5816dcf8df89c__880Image Source: Jo Sabin

Alien – Hillary Clinton
03-alien-5816dcd60b7fc__880Image Source: Jo Sabin

Child’s Play – Donald Trump
04-chucky-5816dcdb74063__880Image Source: Jo Sabin

Silence Of The Lambs – Donald Trump
05-silence-of-the-lambs-5816dd0c93532__880Image Source: Jo Sabin

Scream – Donald Trump

The Shining – Donald Trump
07-the-shining-5816dd2242d75__880Image Source: Jo Sabin

Dracula – Vladimir Putin
08-dracula-5816dcdf41c16__880Image Source: Jo Sabin

Saw – Narendra Modi
09-saw-5816dd04490a6__880Image Source: Jo Sabin