Scenery Images of Amazing Hilarious Conversations Between Obama And Biden

Look! This is series of conversation between Obama and Biden on result of Donald Trump and Mike Pence just win recent election. Both can soon be walking into the White House and you may see from these hilarious imaginary conversations between Barack Obama and Joe Biden. As seen in photos, the current Vice President truly is not so happy about this matter. That is, whether preparing to punch the incoming president, scheming to hit him using a football, intending painting a Mexican flag in the White House, or attempting to eat all the ice-cream earlier The Donald comes into office, this looks like Joe is not gonna go quietly. More reading

01-797829274573144064-png__700Image Source: Greta J.

02-796925115669811200-png__700Image Source: Greta J.

03-797919223636819968-png__700Image Source: Greta J.

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