Scenery Images of Amazing 19-Year-Old Makeup Artist With Mad Skills

Looking at scenery images related to makeup artist with mad skills, we may appreciate and fear such this makeup done by Saida Mickeviciute who is a 19-year-old makeup artist from Lithuania. She is one of her identities indeed. Yet, as you may view from these following images, there are several faces for this London-based human chameleon. With nothing but makeup, skill included a whole lot of patience, the fashion and textiles student may make change herself into anything according to she wanted to set her mind. Via interviewing with Bored Panda, she stated “My inspiration mostly comes from horror movies or from my favorite producer Tim Burton”. She continued to affirm what is incredible she is completely self-taught, and she stated “I’ve started everything before Halloween back in 2015 and simply kept on going ever since” and “Usually it takes me around one or two hours to complete one piece.” More reading. More info: Instagram | Facebook (h/t: designyoutrust)

01-makeup-artist-transformations-saida-mickeviciute-20-5767b8b32b89a__700Image Source: Jame Gould-Bourn

Broken Porcelain Doll
02-makeup-artist-transformations-saida-mickeviciute-17-5767b8ab6bc5e__700Image Source: Jame Gould-Bourn

Inspired By Pan’s Labyrinth
03-makeup-artist-transformations-saida-mickeviciute-32-5767b8d84fef6__700Image Source: Jame Gould-Bourn

A Kiss Isn’t Always The Way To Become A Princess
04-makeup-artist-transformations-saida-mickeviciute-35-5767d1c35bf08__700Image Source: Jame Gould-Bourn

05-makeup-artist-transformations-saida-mickeviciute-30-5767b8d20482f__700Image Source: Jame Gould-Bourn

06-makeup-artist-transformations-saida-mickeviciute-13-5767b89fbd564__700Image Source: Jame Gould-Bourn

Steampunk Airship Girl
08-makeup-artist-transformations-saida-mickeviciute-22-5767b8bac18ca__700Image Source: Jame Gould-Bourn