Scenery Images of Amazing The Mountains Of Northern Croatia

This is so and so amazing indeed at the mountains of Northern Croatia after heavy snowfall. This event was happened at last week and there was a heavy snowfall located in the mountains of northern Croatia. That is, it was almost half a meter of snow that fell down in just a matter of hours. In addition, as soon as the snow clouds were gone, Zoran Stanko quickly managed to get the highest peak of Croatian Zagorje (i.e. Ivanščica 1061 meters high) and to document and photograph freshly made snow kingdom. In short, there may hope all of us may like it. More reading. More info: Facebook

01-untitled_panorama1-582de32c9759c__880Image Source: Zoran Stanko

02-zs1_1159-582de3545f378__880Image Source: Zoran Stanko

03-zs1_1173-582de36c51cdb__880Image Source: Zoran Stanko

04-zs1_1170-582de36268e7a__880Image Source: Zoran Stanko

05-zs1_1223-582de3df1570b__880Image Source: Zoran Stanko

06-zs1_1228-582de41276f97__880Image Source: Zoran Stanko

07-zs1_1233-582de41be9f57__880Image Source: Zoran Stanko

08-zs1_1236-582de428d7be4__880Image Source: Zoran Stanko