Scenery Images of Amazing Use Eyes As a Canvas For Incredible Art

We may look some scenery images, and we may see favorite movies, books, animals, musicals so on and so forth. In inspiration of something around Tal Peleg, she has desired to choose her favorite themes given it her own unique interpretation, and turn it into colorful eye-artistry designs. In realistic, she applied her own eye as the canvas, and paint it with makeup products, super tiny brushes and lots of patience. She do not just paint on the eye, and she tried to use the natural curves in relation with the eyelid and the eyebrow as part of the illustration in a creative way.

In making this art of years currently, she offered her heart into each and every design. Note that one piece lasted about 3 hours in average and sometimes much more. She loved to take her time and take care to every little detail and line. Indeed, she trusted that “God is in the details”. Note that this is her second post on Bored Panda. More reading . More info: Facebook | Instagram

The Giving Tree
01-i-believe-that-makeup-is-so-much-more-than-meets-the-eye-570ca05e0f6c7__700Image Source: Tal Peleg

The Wizard Of Oz
02-the-wizard-of-oz-talpeleg-570b43a199c5e__700Image Source: Tal Peleg

Magical Unicorn
03-unicorn-talpeleg-570b435503ad1__700Image Source: Tal Peleg

Les Misérables
04-i-believe-that-makeup-is-so-much-more-than-meets-the-eye-570ca0563505c__700Image Source: Tal Peleg

The Moomins Valley
05-the-moomins-talpeleg-570b43cc8ab9f__700Image Source: Tal Peleg

Sally From “the Nightmare Before Christmas”
06-i-believe-that-makeup-is-so-much-more-than-meets-the-eye-570ca059a1b27__700Image Source: Tal Peleg

07-i-believe-that-makeup-is-so-much-more-than-meets-the-eye-570ca064b2c6b__700Image Source: Tal Peleg

Mary Poppins
08-mary-poppins-talpeleg-570b43a8eefea__700Image Source: Tal Peleg

The Little Prince
09-i-believe-that-makeup-is-so-much-more-than-meets-the-eye-570ca2500f7db__700Image Source: Tal Peleg

10-frozen-let-it-go-talpeleg-570b435c7eec7__700Image Source: Tal Peleg

The Neverending Story
11-8e851ec26cbc7f19b61106f3de36649baaax-570cfef68549b__700Image Source: Tal Peleg

Foxy Eye
12-aaaaa-570cfe0e5525f__700Image Source: Tal Peleg