Scenery Images of Amazing And Incredible Stunning Animal Portraits

In scenery images, you may get pleased with animal’s funny and incredible stunning in place. That is, you may recognize Sergey Polyushko, a Ukrainian photographer, initiated to create portfolio of everything from architecture and fashion to commercial and street photography. Look! His beautiful and intimate animal portraits have been maybe his most eye-catching works indeed.

Looking at photos, being from domestic dogs and cats, to wildlife, for example, ducks, squirrels, and even an exotic caracal, Polyushko’s images have been acted as playful as those are captivating. If he is snapping squirrels in the snow, they are out foraging for nuts, ducks basking on golden sun-tinted waters, or curious cows. In fact, they are looking for their own personal close-ups. As result, the photographer has gotten more than 40,000 followers on Instagram and has mastered the art of luring very best in each and every subject he chooses. More reading . More info: Sergey Polyushko | Instagram | Facebook

01-animal-portraits-sergey-polyushko-3-582b05cbb70e1__880Image Source: Greta J.

02-animal-portraits-sergey-polyushko-21-582b05f56429c__880Image Source: Greta J.

03-animal-portraits-sergey-polyushko-17-582b05eac7bb8__880Image Source: Greta J.

04-animal-portraits-sergey-polyushko-31-582b061644f71__880Image Source: Greta J.

05-animal-portraits-sergey-polyushko-27-582b0609800a5__880Image Source: Greta J.

06-animal-portraits-sergey-polyushko-5-582b05d084f19__880Image Source: Greta J.

07-animal-portraits-sergey-polyushko-14-582b05e3d8fd1__880Image Source: Greta J.

08-animal-portraits-sergey-polyushko-11-582b05dd94eb6__880Image Source: Greta J.

09-animal-portraits-sergey-polyushko-30-582b061235ddd__880Image Source: Greta J.