Scenery Images of The 5-Year-Old Daughter And Her Friends In Different Scenarios

Look! Anna Węcel who is a photographer from Poznań, Poland and her work frequently focuses on children and families. Beyond her commercial work, she initiated to photograph her 5 year old daughter who fascinated her each day.In relation with creating whole scenery for her, she hols something as giving her energy to life. Thus, mother and daughter are both having fun and inserting into the best photos to make an album.

She reflected the most challenging thing in children photography was to take the real character and soul of the child to create a living photo. Accordingly, this shows to get really important for involving the child to create the perfect picture of him/her. As seeing most of girls in her age, her daughter felt loved Disney characters, and been a princess. However, she also prepared to lobby her for some non Disney sceneries, for example, pin up girl, Scarlett O’Hara etc. In the scenery images, most of the costumes have been created by her mother who tried to assist her a lot and make stunning dresses for the grand daughter. Note that those costumes were made for her commercial sessions of the Clients. In other words, some of her best work has been created in autumn with golden colors. In short, a misty weather may be adding a perfect magical atmosphere and make the portrait stand out even more. More reading. More info: Facebook

Autumn tourist
01-1-57fc9243570ec__880Image Source: Anna Węcel

Dancing with seagulls
02-8-57fc924836415__880Image Source: Anna Węcel

One little Indian
03-9-57fc924cad12a__880Image Source: Anna Węcel

Autumn portrait
04-14380108_1108758405859653_7931478581748381593_o-57fc925045e86__880Image Source: Anna Węcel

May the force be with you
05-a-57fc925691fda__880Image Source: Anna Węcel

Princesses secrets
06-d-57fc925b22ed1__880Image Source: Anna Węcel

Best friends
07-dsc_7833-57fc9299de919__880Image Source: Anna Węcel

Good night
08-dsc_7938-57fc92aa020d6__880Image Source: Anna Węcel

Merida the brave
09-dsc_7982-57fc92b7eef99__880Image Source: Anna Węcel

Bunny Love
10-dsc_8220-57fc92e41a665__880Image Source: Anna Węcel

Little Indian
11-e-57fc92e961d9b__880Image Source: Anna Węcel

Lavender princess
12-lawenda-57fc92f3c4379-png__880Image Source: Anna Węcel