Scenery Images of Human Bodies As Canvases For Landscape Paintings

Looking at scenery images, Corey Malcolm Lajeunesse, who is a Seoul-based artist from Canada, started to use her body and other friend’s bodies as canvases for landscape paintings. Over three years ago, she had initiated her idea to design something for her photography series and to end up embarking on a medium in which she could run with all of these relevant paintings. In photos displayed, there are many a variety of elements that get involved from nature such as sunsets, blue skies, and a variety of natural phenomena. She really depicted beautiful landscapes on the canvas of the human body. Indeed, she would prepare a backdrop to give her images more depth, or depend on a stark black canvas for a more dramatic effect. More reading. More info: Facebook | Instagram

Sunset Palms
01-amazing-artist-uses-canvas-of-a-different-kind-577510d77036c__880 Image Source: Corey Malcolm Lajeunesse

Home On The Range
02-amazing-artist-uses-canvas-of-a-different-kind-5775103869e71__880Image Source: Corey Malcolm Lajeunesse

Sunflower Fields
03-amazing-artist-uses-canvas-of-a-different-kind-5775102ae3102__880Image Source: Corey Malcolm Lajeunesse

Fuji Blossoms
04-amazing-artist-uses-canvas-of-a-different-kind-57751003bb758__880Image Source: Corey Malcolm Lajeunesse

Sunset Pier
05-amazing-artist-uses-canvas-of-a-different-kind-57750f9a233f4__880Image Source: Corey Malcolm Lajeunesse

African Sunset
06-amazing-artist-uses-canvas-of-a-different-kind-57750f7fa0207__880Image Source: Corey Malcolm Lajeunesse

Mountain Temple
07-amazing-artist-uses-canvas-of-a-different-kind-57750f6d3fa25__880Image Source: Corey Malcolm Lajeunesse

Serengeti Sunrise
08-amazing-artist-uses-canvas-of-a-different-kind-57750f5564e57__880Image Source: Corey Malcolm Lajeunesse

Under The Sea
09-img_4984edit-1cropvelvia-57750d9998fd5__880Image Source: Corey Malcolm Lajeunesse