Scenery Images of Double Exposure Tattoos by Ukrainian Artist

As seeing scenery images, we may see and recognize tattoos done by Ukrainian Artist Andrey Lukovnikov. Looking at double exposure photography, it may be not a new thing, but it looks something as what about double exposure tattoos? That is, Wroclaw-based Ukrainian tattoo artist Andrey Lukovnikov has been creating just that matter. Lukovnikov tried to merge together ordinary insects using flowers and so the achievement is beyond gorgeous. When it is precisely not real double-exposure, this style of art was extremely popular after the TV series “True detectives” applied it in their introduction. In short, hundreds of artists experimented of double exposure photography may see it entered into the tattoo that the world is something fresh. More reading
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01-double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-7Image Source: Andrey Lukovnikov

02-double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-19-1Image Source: Andrey Lukovnikov

03-double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-17Image Source: Andrey Lukovnikov

04-double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-2-1Image Source: Andrey Lukovnikov

05-double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-5Image Source: Andrey Lukovnikov

06-double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-1-1Image Source: Andrey Lukovnikov

07-double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-16Image Source: Andrey Lukovnikov

08-double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-9Image Source: Andrey Lukovnikov

09-double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-15Image Source: Andrey Lukovnikov

10-double-exposure-tattoos-andrey-lukovnikov-14Image Source: Andrey Lukovnikov