Scenery Images of Disney Princesses As Anime Characters

Looking at these scenery images, we do not avoid to appreciate Maryam Safdar who tried to initiate drawing Disney Princesses as Anime Characters. In fact, she continually loved anime and Disney, and she was willing to draw fan arts in conjunction with all her favorite characters from her childhood. Currently, she may perform her skills to draw and then she seemed to make pretty Disney girls’ portraits.

In the photos, her inspiration in art is anime and manga, so her art style was kinda similar to anime art. Via attempting to merge the magic of Disney and the uniqueness of anime/manga results are really indicated in awesomeness. Indeed, she created the digitally images in relation to Manga Studio of loving and a bit of magic. More reading

Snow Queen Elsa
01-i-draw-disney-princesses-as-anime-characters-5__605Image Source: Maryam Safdar

Princess Anna
02-i-draw-disney-princesses-as-anime-characters-14__605Image Source: Maryam Safdar

Frog Princess Tiana
03-i-draw-disney-princesses-as-anime-characters-6__605Image Source: Maryam Safdar

04-i-draw-disney-princesses-as-anime-characters-2__605Image Source: Maryam Safdar

Sleeping Beauty Aurora
05-i-draw-disney-princesses-as-anime-characters-11__605Image Source: Maryam Safdar

Kida Of Atlantis
06-i-draw-disney-princesses-as-anime-characters-4__605Image Source: Maryam Safdar

07-i-draw-disney-princesses-as-anime-characters-16__605Image Source: Maryam Safdar

Alice In Wonderland
08-i-draw-disney-princesses-as-anime-characters-13__605Image Source: Maryam Safdar

Snow White
09-i-draw-disney-princesses-as-anime-characters-3__605Image Source: Maryam Safdar

Belle The Beauty
10-i-draw-disney-princesses-as-anime-characters-15__605Image Source: Maryam Safdar

11-i-draw-disney-princesses-as-anime-characters-10__605Image Source: Maryam Safdar

Brave Princess Merida
12-i-draw-disney-princesses-as-anime-characters-9__605Image Source: Maryam Safdar

Aladdin’s Jasmine
13-i-draw-disney-princesses-as-anime-characters-7__605Image Source: Maryam Safdar

Mulan The Great Warrior Of China
14-i-draw-disney-princesses-as-anime-characters-12__605Image Source: Maryam Safdar

The Little Mermaid Ariel
15-i-draw-disney-princesses-as-anime-characters__605Image Source: Maryam Safdar