Scenery Images of Amazing Terrifying 4,600 feet Glass Walkway Opens In China

Look! This is so terrible and incredible glass walkway in China. That is, when you are scared with heights, you could need to look away now. This walkway built in China is your worst nightmare become true. In realistic, it is attached 4,600 feet (i.e. 1,403 meters) up the side of a mountain, and it is scary enough, but it is also built from glass and it is also nothing short of terrifying. In photos, located on the side of Tianmen mountain in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Hunan Province, the walkway indicates to be 328 feet (i.e. 100 meters) long and 5.2 feet (i.e. 1.6 meters) wide. Note that it has been known as the Coiling Dragon Cliff skywalk.

Accordingly, it truly is not for the faint-hearted, however, anyone who looks for the courage to brave the walkway can be rewarded with an utterly breathtaking view that few may ever experience. In the basis, the park is really home to three glass walkways consisting of a 1,410 feet (i.e. 430 meters) glass bridge suspended 590 feet (i.e. 180 meters) above the ground. Thus, if you are trying to look for adventure, or just an extreme selfie, you realize where to go. More reading

01-glass-bridge-zhangjiajie-national-forest-park-tianmen-mountain-hunan-china-13Image Source: James Gould-Bourn

02-glass-bridge-zhangjiajie-national-forest-park-tianmen-mountain-hunan-china-2Image Source: James Gould-Bourn

03-glass-bridge-zhangjiajie-national-forest-park-tianmen-mountain-hunan-china-1Image Source: James Gould-Bourn

04-glass-bridge-zhangjiajie-national-forest-park-tianmen-mountain-hunan-china-10Image Source: James Gould-Bourn

05-glass-bridge-zhangjiajie-national-forest-park-tianmen-mountain-hunan-china-6Image Source: James Gould-Bourn

06-glass-bridge-zhangjiajie-national-forest-park-tianmen-mountain-hunan-china-12Image Source: James Gould-Bourn