Scenery Images of First Street Art In The Amazonian Rainforest

Look! This is so good scenery images that have been shown us something as the first street art in the amazonian rainforest. That is, the idea is initiated by Philippe Echaroux who tried to create the Street Art 2.0. It is a way of doing street art which is instead of bomb sprays done via technology. In fact, he just understood the world’s first art form related this kind deep down the rainforest using the Surui Tribe. Indeed, the artist attempted to explain that at what time we cut down a tree, this may be likely to get taking down a man. Please help view here are the art piece he engages something from there just for us. More reading . More info:

01-street-art-20-amazonie-4-581a5259346fa__880Image Source: Philippe Echaroux

02-street-art-20-amazonie-7-581a523f289c3__880Image Source: Philippe Echaroux

03-street-art-20-amazonie-1-581a524477a22__880Image Source: Philippe Echaroux

04-world-first-street-art-in-the-amazonian-rainforest-581ae8c8496d2__880Image Source: Philippe Echaroux

05-street-art-20-amazonie-581a526aa7956__880Image Source: Philippe Echaroux

06-street-art-20-amazonie-2-581a524bb5a11__880Image Source: Philippe Echaroux

07-world-first-street-art-in-the-amazonian-rainforest-581ae82f7e5cd__880Image Source: Philippe Echaroux

08-street-art-20-amazonie-8-581a526108f14__880Image Source: Philippe Echaroux