Scenery Images of Fantasy Animal Sculptures From Velvet Clay

Looking at scenery images, we may have known Demiurgus Dreams that presents a studio founded by Evgeny Hontor. There is to show us to be amazing fantasy animal sculptures being been born. Note that Evgeny Hontor began sculpting in 2006 and founded his Etsy shop in 2012. Currently, Demiurgus Dreams becomes a large following of over 34,000 admirers and so it becomes easy to realize why. In this scene, the studio makes stunning, intricate animal sculptures from velvet clay. Accordingly, artworks stand out using their unique, featured style that was impeccable for more or less 6 years done by the owner of the studio. Thus, these light sculptures memorize with tiny details, swirls, and other textures.

In viewing scenery images, the creator, Evgeny Hontor, explicates why he prefers fantasy style “It is beautiful. It is the creation of the worlds. You can get carried away and explore new opportunities. It is a philosophy of life – to create. For me it is.” Indeed, no wonder that these animal sculptures similar like straight from a magical fairytale. More reading

More info: Etsy

01-il_fullxfull688300468_4a0x-5804d46cb402d__880 Image Source: Evgeny Hontor

02-il_fullxfull883366931_1g3n-5804d4dab7f15__880Image Source: Evgeny Hontor

03-il_fullxfull472464781_ba8m-5804d438e4256__880Image Source: Evgeny Hontor

04-il_fullxfull753414898_gf5u-5804d47fccd86__880Image Source: Evgeny Hontor

05-il_fullxfull755907575_95om-5804d485b4b68__880Image Source: Evgeny Hontor

06-il_fullxfull765338901_fbid-5804d48be62be__880Image Source: Evgeny Hontor

07-il_fullxfull779593320_alh1-5804d4abad587__880Image Source: Evgeny Hontor

08-il_fullxfull1048723306_47ij-5804d512a707a__880Image Source: Evgeny Hontor

09-il_fullxfull880063404_dolr-5804d4d4a6e3f__880Image Source: Evgeny Hontor

10-il_fullxfull623218348_ciaj-5804d443dd8b1__880Image Source: Evgeny Hontor