Scenery Images of All The Important Phases Of Adult Life

Looking at the scenery images, this is to show us so amazing and unforgivable and delightful photos of the couple. In fact, it has been nearly 3 years and half when photographer got her graduate from high school and Desiree Rose (i.e. Photographer of Elkk Photography in Austin, TX) and then took her senior portraits. That is, now this is introduced happily married and becomes a mother of a beautiful baby girl at age 21. The photographer has been known Dezz since before he may remember. Really, he is mostly family to her, and he has been there for her in spite of her crazy schedule. Dezz got all of his senior portraits, engagement photos, wedding pictures, maternity portraits, and currently, Dezz got the very first photographs of his growing family.

Truly say something that not only do Ellk has the joy of seeing his life blooming via her camera lens, but she has also got to see her life as a photographer. In realistic, in her work she is shy but bold, clever and still very raw although interested in detail. Note that she is not too unfocused nor too driven by perfection to forget what is important; the uniqueness of the subject. Besides, she makes effort to grasp tight these fleeting moments of reality and indicates them to you in a perspective. Thus, you might not have discerned before. Indeed, you might call that plain ole’ photography, however, as he scroll through these quick-paced phases of his life and he call it poetry. More reading. More info:

01-i-realized-my-bestfriend-has-taken-photos-of-all-the-important-phases-of-my-adult-life-58047e24ba294__880Image Source: elkk photography

02-i-realized-my-bestfriend-has-taken-photos-of-all-the-important-phases-of-my-adult-life-58047e2787e0e__880Image Source: elkk photography

03-i-realized-my-bestfriend-has-taken-photos-of-all-the-important-phases-of-my-adult-life-58047f4d92d8b__880Image Source: elkk photography

04-i-realized-my-bestfriend-has-taken-photos-of-all-the-important-phases-of-my-adult-life-58047f57055e3__880Image Source: elkk photography

05-i-realized-my-bestfriend-has-taken-photos-of-all-the-important-phases-of-my-adult-life-58047f219abf4__880Image Source: elkk photography

06-i-realized-my-bestfriend-has-taken-photos-of-all-the-important-phases-of-my-adult-life-58047e48469c0__880Image Source: elkk photography

07-i-realized-my-bestfriend-has-taken-photos-of-all-the-important-phases-of-my-adult-life-58047e68bef06__880Image Source: elkk photography

08-i-realized-my-bestfriend-has-taken-photos-of-all-the-important-phases-of-my-adult-life-58047eff5c742__880Image Source: elkk photography

09-i-realized-my-bestfriend-has-taken-photos-of-all-the-important-phases-of-my-adult-life-580476df40566__880Image Source: elkk photography

10-i-realized-my-bestfriend-has-taken-photos-of-all-the-important-phases-of-my-adult-life-58047e1a4f33b__880Image Source: elkk photography

11-i-realized-my-bestfriend-has-taken-photos-of-all-the-important-phases-of-my-adult-life-58047e0ba6452__880Image Source: elkk photography

12-i-realized-my-bestfriend-has-taken-photos-of-all-the-important-phases-of-my-adult-life-58047f598f9e5__880Image Source: elkk photography

13-i-realized-my-bestfriend-has-taken-photos-of-all-the-important-phases-of-my-adult-life-58047f60d416f__880Image Source: elkk photography

14-i-realized-my-bestfriend-has-taken-photos-of-all-the-important-phases-of-my-adult-life-58047f659f772__880Image Source: elkk photography