Scenery Images of Student’s Powerful Photo Series

Within these scenery images, it may be happened suddenly, happened anywhere, happened anyone, any time and etc. This is a bad thing done by Brock Turner at what time a former student at Stanford University in California was imprisoned to only six months for sexually assaulting in June 2016. His behavior was done over an unconscious woman and many people were understandably outraged. Besides, in this scene they got even more angry while Turner was released on 2nd September after serving only half of his already meagre sentence.

With idea initiative in response to this miscarriage of justice, Yana Mazurkevich, a 20-year-old student at Ithaca College in New York, started to compile the photo series as illustrated in Bored Panda. Under the project, it has to provide the title of “It Happened” being made for a sexual assault awareness media platform called Current Solutions. As everyone may have seen, the message shows us so pretty powerful photo series. On her Facebook page, Mazurkevich stated “In response to Brock Turner’s early release, this photo series aims to continue the conversation on sexual assault, As well as to raise a huge finger to Turner and his 3-month jail time.” More reading. More info: Current Solutions | Yana Mazurkevich | Facebook

01-protest-brock-turner-release-it-happened-yana-mazurkevich-8Image Source: yana mazurkevich

02-protest-brock-turner-release-it-happened-yana-mazurkevich-7Image Source: yana mazurkevich

03-protest-brock-turner-release-it-happened-yana-mazurkevich-3Image Source: yana mazurkevich

04-protest-brock-turner-release-it-happened-yana-mazurkevich-9Image Source: yana mazurkevich

05-protest-brock-turner-release-it-happened-yana-mazurkevich-5Image Source: yana mazurkevich

06-protest-brock-turner-release-it-happened-yana-mazurkevich-4Image Source: yana mazurkevich

07-protest-brock-turner-release-it-happened-yana-mazurkevich-6Image Source: yana mazurkevich

08-protest-brock-turner-release-it-happened-yana-mazurkevich-2Image Source: yana mazurkevich

09-protest-brock-turner-release-it-happened-yana-mazurkevich-1Image Source: yana mazurkevich