Beautiful Scenery of Tales In The Dreamy Photoshoots

Looking at beautiful scenery, we may not avoid to appreciate these images because they are gorgeous and beautiful photos indeed. That is, this is idea initiative of Dary who tried to photograph something as dreamer, stylish and props-maker being held from Ukraine. This is to show her fairy tale magic secrets illustrated within the relevant photographs. Note that this is second part of her photo stories. She may wish all of us pleasant viewing. Please see the first part here. Reading more

01-IMG_7038-smoll-57a991a744145__880 Image Source: Dary

02-IMG_56551smoll-57a9921341e9b__880Image Source: Dary

03-81381smoll-57a992062ec1a__880Image Source: Dary

04-IMG_58762smoll-57a991aaefdb7__880Image Source: Dary

05-dd-smoll-57a991b0f3af6__880Image Source: Dary

06-IMG_62791-smoll-57a991b68419a__880Image Source: Dary

07-2smoll-57a991ce18db9__880Image Source: Dary

08-IMG_51481smol-57a99228cabb2__880Image Source: Dary

09-IMG_8261smoll-57a9920992a39__880Image Source: Dary