Beautiful Scenery Of Modern Women Wearing Traditional Ukrainian Crowns

When you look at Slavic workshop Treti Pivni being translated as Third Rooster, it has recently formed an astonishing new beautiful scenery with series of portraits. That is, in several scenery images it looks to be featured women and children who are wearing traditional Ukrainian headdresses. In the photos, it was made to pay homage to their homeland at what time they wanted to share a message of peace, tenderness, and awareness of the Ukrainian culture with the world. More reading

Customarily, the relevant floral headdresses have been worn by young, unmarried women represented as a sign of their “purity” and marital eligibility. Within pre-Christian times, they were even reflected to defend innocent girls from evil spirits. At present time, subsequently the 2014 Ukrainian Revolution, those headdresses looked to be worn in every day of life so that they may present symbolizing national pride. More info: Instagram |Facebook (h/t: mymodernmet, slavorum)

01-traditional-ukrainian-crowns-treti-pivni-5-57985bb3ae2ab__605 Image Source: Treti Pivni

02-traditional-ukrainian-crowns-treti-pivni-35-57985c05de0dd__605Image Source: Treti Pivni

03-traditional-ukrainian-crowns-treti-pivni-38-57985c0f170b5__605Image Source: Treti Pivni

04-traditional-ukrainian-crowns-treti-pivni-32-57985bfd325e5__605Image Source: Treti Pivni

05-traditional-ukrainian-crowns-treti-pivni-31-57985bfae1b2c__605Image Source: Treti Pivni

06-traditional-ukrainian-crowns-treti-pivni-15-57985bc9d81f7__605Image Source: Treti Pivni

07-traditional-ukrainian-crowns-treti-pivni-36-57985c08ebdf5__605Image Source: Treti Pivni

08-traditional-ukrainian-crowns-treti-pivni-39-57985c1219dc6__605Image Source: Treti Pivni

09-traditional-ukrainian-crowns-treti-pivni-6-57985bb5aaef8__605Image Source: Treti Pivni

10-traditional-ukrainian-crowns-treti-pivni-34-57985c031a697__605Image Source: Treti Pivni

11-traditional-ukrainian-crowns-treti-pivni-24-57985be5f3b04__605Image Source: Treti Pivni

12-traditional-ukrainian-crowns-treti-pivni-46-57985c2807a04__605Image Source: Treti Pivni