Scenery Images of Beautiful Glass Paperweights

As seen in scenery images, these beautiful paperweights were made of tiny gardens with all creating glass. This was the work initiated by Paul Joseph Stankard who has been known as New Jersey-based artist. By and large, he was thought of the father involved in modern glass paperweights. As recognized for the amazing work and photos in place, his career was done for the initial ten years with a glassblower creation of scientific instruments for several chemical laboratories.

In his profile, he started to form the glass paperweights in his garage while he was working in this industry so that he had to care his growing family. Since then, he made effort to display his first paperweights at a craft. This matter was exhibited on the boardwalk of Atlantic City, New Jersey. With recognizing his work with the beautiful scenery, Reese Palley, who is globally respected art dealer, was fascinated in his work and so he seemed to sponsor Stankard as budget in order that he may get full-time work to make glass art. More reading

01-paul-joseph-stankard-4[6]Images source: Paul Joseph Stankard

02-paul-joseph-stankard-5[5]Images source: Paul Joseph Stankard

03-paul-joseph-stankard-6[5]Images source: Paul Joseph Stankard

04-paul-joseph-stankard-7[5]Images source: Paul Joseph Stankard

05-paul-joseph-stankard-1[2]Images source: Paul Joseph Stankard

06-paul-joseph-stankard-2[2]Images source: Paul Joseph Stankard

07-paul-joseph-stankard-3[2]Images source: Paul Joseph Stankard

08-paul-joseph-stankard-8[2]Images source: Paul Joseph Stankard

09-paul-joseph-stankard-10[6]Images source: Paul Joseph Stankard