Scenery Images of Lips Into Works Of Art

As seen in scenery images of one artist, there may have all known that makeup may bring to get wondered in the life style or in art decoration. However, there may be not so quite few people who may induce to get true masterpieces with such this art. Accordingly, Jazmina Daniel has been recognized as a makeup artist who involves to be loved by Instagram’s beauty community because of her amazing lip art.

Being been Sydney-based lip artist, she did not only shows images of several lip makeup trends, but also initiated beautiful cartoon and movie scenes and colorful designs on her lips. Look! These drawings are so detailed and precise that in such work this may be hard to get involved in fact that they might be done on someone’s lips. More reading . Further Info: Instagram

01-13381052_136506426769578_20462206_n-577f62c254ae0__700 Images Source: Jazmina Daniel

02-12716580_1545620319099678_942575182_n-577f62ae6ec0a__700Images Source: Jazmina Daniel

03-13422977_1119784681417233_655811404_n-577f62c78b5d3__700Images Source: Jazmina Daniel

04-13423397_294717920863830_83126125_n-577f62ca83665__700Images Source: Jazmina Daniel

05-12822393_970357029709359_1437996788_n-577f62b586ac8__700Images Source: Jazmina Daniel

06-12728488_587631404724120_1850392045_n-577f62b16423f__700Images Source: Jazmina Daniel

07-13092224_772772489525665_982831325_n-577f62bb06513__700Images Source: Jazmina Daniel

08-13258868_1083711098353177_2147032426_n-577f62c026971__700Images Source: Jazmina Daniel

09-13423397_1542336662740527_345054110_n-577f62ccf2a8a__700Images Source: Jazmina Daniel