Beautiful Sceneries of Different Images from the World

Looking at beautiful sceneries in following scenery images, it may lead us to remember something as previously undamaged planet i.e. scenery pictures as seen indeed. All of these scenic pictures have been shown us about amazing, wonderful nature and attractive natures which tell all of us in the world should not continue to ruin and/or make hurt them as wanted. Note that human being and nature is the one and both have interacted with each other; it may be not dispersed any one in place. The human being relied on nature surrounded themselves in order to maintain sustainable environment such as natural sceneries for futuristic time and for generation from one to another generation. As for the nature, when it stays here with unchangeable thing, it may contribute to human being as natural resource and possibility of good environment surroundings. If any time the nature dies, the life and live in the world may also die consequently. That is, the respect for environment means the respect for our lives existed in the earth. So, the including laws and other relevant regulations may be not full enough to maintain and keep the nature yet, but the important thing should be included is moral, code of conduct, virtue, and respectful between nature and ours.

01-Beautiful Scenery Of ForestImage Source: Flickr

02-Beautiful Scenery Of Ice MountainImage Source: Flickr

03-Beautiful Scenery Of WaterfallImage Source: Flickr

04-Beautiful Scenery Of LandscapeImage Source: Flickr

05-Beautiful Scenery Of FlowersImage Source: Flickr

06-Beautiful Scenery Of ForestImage Source: Flickr