Adorable Scenery Of Women In Different Races

Via seeing beautiful scenery of women in different races, the images are attracting all of us to think of Mariska Karto’s work. Her project with beautiful scenery pictures indicates something about tattooed women and women from different cultures that are showing the world posing as baroque ladies. In sense of scenery images, these are women existing right at this moment and as all snapped as basis of scenic pictures were performed in renaissance or baroque atmosphere. Yet, within scenery photos this is not possible from time concept of relevant reality due in a hundred years ago women of any other race. In fact, the white minors were seen in renaissance European time more than other times. Accordingly, these women seemed to do not fit in the bizarre exclusive renaissance/baroque world. Indeed, this may be pulled away time from its structure and then this may lead to be wanted to give each woman a place returned in history. More reading. More info: Facebook

01-star-5704be8b3dc4a__880-starImage Credit: Mariska Karto
02-gold-5704be8903aeb__880-goldImage Credit: Mariska Karto
03-dragons-5704be86945ad__880-dragonsImage Credit: Mariska Karto
04-bronze-5704be81d2f27__880-BronzeImage Credit: Mariska Karto
Black Pearl
05-blackpearl-5704be7f68d49__880-Black PearlImage Credit: Mariska Karto
06-asia-5704be7be1b9c__880-AsiaImage Credit: Mariska Karto
Carper Diem
07-carpediem-5704be842afef__880-Carpe DiemImage Credit: Mariska Karto