Beautiful Scenery of Bizarre Landscapes at Night

Looking at the scenes, it is very dark, but it seems to give so beautiful landscapes in North America. For instance, Lux Noctis becomes a series of photos describing landscapes of North America in relation to the style of traditional landscape photography. It seems to be influenced by philosophies of planetary exploration being held in 19th century sublime romantic painting, and science fiction. Look! This scene is showing to get overwhelmed daily by beautiful images of the familiar include beautiful sceneries, natural sceneries and beautiful scenery pictures indeed. In these scenes, it is altered into undiscovered landscapes and so it is renewed the views of the real world. Every image presents a carefully-planned scene comprising multiple lighting positions in order to produce a theatrically-lit composition. Via using the GPS-enabled aerial light/drones in specific positions in space, the scenic pictures are to create moods of drama and tension. Moreover, it is enlightened via use of chiaroscuro, and the ability to brighten isolated landscapes of a scene and disregard unwanted elements. Indeed, these are inferred to notions of the landscape photograph, or ‘portraits of the landscape’ that may draw the attention of the viewer only to the illuminated scenes and then overwhelming and vast picture. More reading . More info:

01-Reuben_Wu_Lux_Noctis-1-of-1-5707a1f3b9988__880Image Source: Reuben Wu

02-Reuben_Wu_Lux_Noctis-3-of-8-5707a1dc25ba3__880Image Source: Reuben Wu

03-Reuben_Wu_Lux_Noctis-7-of-8-5707a1cebb74d__880Image Source: Reuben Wu

04-Reuben_Wu_Lux_Noctis-6-of-8-5707a1bd37cbb__880Image Source: Reuben Wu

05-Reuben_Wu_Lux_Noctis-5-of-8-5707a1af34066__880Image Source: Reuben Wu

06-Reuben_Wu_Lux_Noctis-2-of-8-5707a1a5532a1__880Image Source: Reuben Wu