Beautiful Scenery of Turning Paper into Magnificent Wedding Dresses

Looking at this art work, we may recall Asya Kozina who is skillful to make material and ordinary paper into the magnificent wedding dresses as similar as wallpaper. We may recall her work once she was come up to brand of underwear seeing as beautiful sceneries and then created these relevant image-shooting for wedding clothes. Based in tradition, wedding outfit might hide the bride and groom within nearly all the cultures. By the way, in several countries such suit closes not only the body, but also the face as well. Accordingly, with these scenery photos via the sage of sketches for the shooting it might be hard to reflect artificial national costume; this might expose friendly parts. In manner of acceptable results, it was so conventional and it is likely to do not seem vulgar and unaesthetic in arrangement with underwear. The major item for Kozina was not inferred to the sensibilities of culture bearers.

Yet, she seemed to focus on costume as being taken basis. She devotedly was responsible job for “Wild Orchid” brand. This was because for a long time she initiated her idea to form a kind of world wedding costumes Red List. Indeed, all scenic pictures, one shows entire race to take the story represented in the centuries-old symbols and all costumes inferred to beautiful scenery pictures are not only in the world, but they present a unique in each individual family. More reading . More info: | Facebook | Instagram Credit: Isya Kozina Credit: Isya Kozina Credit: Isya Kozina Credit: Isya Kozina Credit: Isya Kozina Credit: Isya Kozina