Scenery Photos of 300 Years Old with Library Chamber in Dublin

This is real beautiful scenery that leads to forget the Guinness Storehouse, Phoenix Park and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. That is, with beautiful scenery pictures it is really attracted us to see the library chamber in Dublin that presents the majestic Long Room in the library of Trinity College. If we take a look at several scenic pictures below, we may see something as gorgeous library with being built between 1712 and 1732. The chamber is nearly 65 meters long and comprises more than 200,000 books. That is, we raise the question that why are so many books? The answer was that in 1801 the library was approved the right to claim a free copy of every book issued in Britain and Ireland. At what time it become the largest library in the country, it also holds The Book of Kells. This book was written by monks more than 1200 years ago. In addition, now it becomes one of the most famed and valuable manuscripts in reality. More reading. (h/t:lostateminor)

01-trinity-college-long-room-library-dublin-1Images Source: James Gould Bourn

02-trinity-college-long-room-library-dublin-13Images Source: James Gould Bourn

03-trinity-college-long-room-library-dublin-12Images Source: James Gould Bourn

04-trinity-college-long-room-library-dublin-10Images Source: James Gould Bourn

05-trinity-college-long-room-library-dublin-5Images Source: James Gould Bourn

Video Source: James Gould Bourn