Scenery Images of Heathland and the Magical Incantation

With scenery images, Karolina Skorek wanted to present her photographic series namely “Tales”. In scenery pictures, she has collected something as images of scenery and made them throughout her life. With beautiful sceneries of photographic series, she always loved making stories and all of sceneries images were always in her head. They have been keen to come out and told or shown in my case of beautiful scenery pictures to others. They present a mixture of history, and mythology, hugely impacted by her cultural back- ground, and her belief system. Being born in Poland and since first days, she was affected by traditional legends, stories and scenic pictures. Rapidly she exposed that they were part of fantastic Slavic Culture.

In realistic, everything was related to the force of natural sceneries and everything became a purpose and meaning. Accordingly, all of those stories presented strong female characters in them, for example, wise women who realized how to heal with herbs and energy, goddesses, fairies, spirits and the other more. In fact, everything looked toward perfect balance. Indeed, she has convinced us to step into the world of natural sceneries, magic and energy where everything shows the opposite of what it seems to be, and nothing is the opposite of what it looks to be. More reading. More info:

01-creative_factory-3-4-5700ef8b1295e__880Image Source: Karolina Skorek

02-creative_factory-2-4-5700ef7f8b9af__880Image Source: Karolina Skorek

03-creative_factory-5700ef7926501__880Image Source: Karolina Skorek

04-creative_factory-3-5700ef71d5b6f__880Image Source: Karolina Skorek

05-creative_factory-2-5700ef6a888d6__880Image Source: Karolina Skorek

06-creative_factory-15-2-5700ef9b1aedc__880Image Source: Karolina Skorek